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Should You Watermark Your Photos?

Having about 6 months under our belt of reviewing photos here in Plus, I’ve seen the copyright/watermark question come up a number of times. If you’ve watched any of my videos in the photo critiques, you’ll know I’m pretty against that watermark/copyright text in your photos and I usually tell you to remove it. Here’s an example of something I see a lot.

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June Photo Critiques Videos

Hey everyone! Here’s the next round of photo critiques. A huge thanks once again. There were a TON of great photos submitted!

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Print Week: Day 5 – Sending Your Photos to a Lab (or somewhere else)

Hi all. We’re wrapping up our print week today with a video on sending your photos to some one else to print. It could be a photo lab, or just a friend with a printer. Either way, here’s some of the best methods and settings for saving your photos to print, if you’re not printing them yourself.

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ON1 Photo RAW — Non-destructive Editing

See the new non-destructive workflow inside of ON1 Photo RAW. One of the cool things about non-destructive editing is that the original photo (any file type Photo RAW can read – raw, jpeg, tiff, psd, etc.) is never modified. All the edits you do are stored as instructions. Again, no matter the file type. This makes opening and saving your photos fast.

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Print Week: Day 4 – Making Your Own Print

Now that we’ve finish edited our file, calibrated our monitor and soft-proofed the image, it’s time to make a print. I’ll showcase my workflow for creating a small test print (a hard-proof) before printing this image big. Tomorrow Matt is going to share a video about how to send your images off to have printed at a lab.

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Print Week: Day 2 – Sharpening, Noise, and Soft Proofing

Welcome to Day 2 of print week. A few of the questions we get a lot when it comes to printing is how much do you sharpen your photos? How about Noise Reduction? And finally, how do you soft proof? Well, today we’ve put ’em all in to one topic, and believe it or not, it’s actually much easier than it all sounds. Enjoy!

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