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How Do You Retouch Portraits?

For photographers who photograph people, retouching faces can be a big part of their workflow. However, the amount or style of retouching and the tools and techniques used vary. Like any creative adjustment, the amount or style of retouching changes from artist to artist and can even change over time based on the trending look. Haven’t you noticed the style of retouching has shifted to be a more natural, subtle adjustment over the past five years or so? Just a few years ago everyone had porcelain smooth skin and snow-white teeth. This also reminds me of the parallels with HDR. A few years ago HDR was over-the-top with crazy contrast and color. Today it’s a more refined style.

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July Plus Rewards

Inspired by experiences in nature; sand on a beach, blades of grass, flowers swaying in the breeze, or the movement of water.

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Update From Matt

Hi all! I wanted to give you a quick update about ON1 Plus now that we are half way through the year. I’ve enjoyed all the great questions, posts, videos, and conversations I’ve had in this community and wanted to give a sneak peek about what’s coming the rest of this year, and next!

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Best Practices for Jumping to ON1 from Lightroom

I always see questions about the various ways to get over to ON1 from within Lightroom. There’s the Photo > Edit In menu and there’s the File > Plug-In Extras menu. They each work just a little different so I figured I’d do a quick video on the best practices to use. Enjoy!

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New Video: Your Photo Our Look

Hey there everyone! A while back many of you submitted photos for Hudson and I to edit. We still have a ton of them left which is why we haven’t opened up submissions again. This time around I found a couple of photos that jumped out at me as being good candidates for some stylization. Enjoy!

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Controlling Haze & Fog

As a landscape photographer you can mostly control the places you photograph, the time of day, and season, but that’s about it. You can’t control weather, air pollution, and many other factors. Haze in the air, causing atmospheric distortion, is a common problem and a tough one. Particulate in the air, whether from smoke, pollen, pollution or water vapor, creates haze. The amount of haze increases the farther away the subject is and can create layers of haze. There are a few tools to help reduce haze when you’re shooting, like UV/Haze filters and Polarizers. Often times they only provide a little help. With software, you can increase the contrast to help cut through the haze but it can negatively impact the darker tones if you’re not careful. A few software providers have developed special controls for reducing haze.

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ON1 Keyboard Shortcuts

I’ve noticed people asking about keyboard shortcuts here and there, so I thought I’d create a post to help out. Here’s what we’ve got for ya’:
1) A way to find out keyboard shortcuts right in the app
2) A PDF download of the keyboard shortcuts, you can print and keep for reference.

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Interview with Professional Photographer & ON1 User Tony Vasquez

Tony Vasquez earned a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Photography at Ball State University of Indiana. His life experiences are evident in his work. Whether taking a portrait of a bride and groom, senior portrait, or shooting a band on stage, his art is an expression and celebration of life. He was kind enough to share his journey with us.

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The 4 Blend Modes You Need Most

There’s been a lot of talk about blend modes lately, so I thought I’d do a quick introduction to them. The video below is just a start, but it’s a good one I think. There’s a bunch of blend modes and it’s easy to get confused, so I broke it down to the 4 blend modes you need most. Enjoy!

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A Quick Introduction to ON1 Luminosity Masking

Last year I did a video for the “12 months with Matt” group on Luminosity Masking. Since then, I’ve changed a few things about the way I explain it. Plus I figured many of you could use a refresher, or maybe haven’t seen it if you’re new.

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