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It's NOT All About the Light

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the saying “It’s all about the light”, you’re not alone. Or maybe I’m the only one 🙂
But I wanted to do a quick video for you that talks a little about my journey with “light” in photography. How I really didn’t understand what good light and bad light meant when I first started. I really wish some one just gave me a recipe of things to look for, which is more of what I talk about in this video. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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ON1 Short Clip — Photo 10.5 vs. Photo RAW

Let’s take a look at a comparison of the processing speed between ON1 Photo 10.5 and the new ON1 Photo RAW – with its new fast module switching and nondestructive workflow.  You’ll notice how in ON1 Photo RAW it only took us about 43 seconds – in ON Photo 10.5 it takes twice as long. Everything is faster in ON1 Photo RAW – faster file opening, faster module switching, faster adjustments, and faster file saving.

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What's Coming to Plus in 2017?

Hi everyone! Wondering what’s in store for next year in ON1 Plus? Well, we have some really exciting  new photography coaches, training, and features coming in 2017 we want to share with you. You may remember the survey we made a few months back requesting your feedback, the community responded and we listened. Here is a small taste of what’s in store for 2017…

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Announcing the ON1 Photo RAW Sweepstakes

Portland OR ­– September 18, 2016 – ON1 Inc. today announced the Photo RAW Sweepstakes, ahead of their November release of ON1 Photo RAW.
Individuals can enter for the chance to win ON1 Photo RAW and some great photography prizes including Wacom® tablets, Sony® Mirrorless cameras, both B&H and Amazon® gift cards, an Apple® Ipad® Pro, and a DJI® Phantom 4 Quadcopter. New prizes are awarded to lucky winners each week for the next 8 weeks.

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3 Ways to Add Text To Your Photos

There’s probably going to come a time where you want to put some great looking, professional and beautiful text on to your photos. After all, if you’re going to add text to a nice photo, why ruin it with yucky looking type. So I thought I’d round up 3 ways that I’ve used that work really well. Now, in full disclosure, when I really need to add type to an image I use Photoshop. That said, my typography skills aren’t where they need to be, so it never really looks that good.

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A New Way to Add A Vignette in Layers

If you’ve watched any of my videos you know I’m a sucker for the “Big Softy” Vignette filter in Effects. But if I’m spending a little more time with my photo, and I know I’m going to do some layered based editing to it, I also have another trick for adding vignettes that tends to look a bit more natural. With a duplicate layer, and a quick blend mode change, it’s actually pretty simple and fast to do. Enjoy!

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Q&A with Dan: ON1 Photo RAW & Lightroom®

I’m amazed after all these years there is so much diversity in workflows. All the variable ways people download, organize and edit means if you talk to another photographer about their workflow, chances are it is different than yours. It’s not just in the software or equipment we use. Some of us organize by date, others by client or subject. Some shoot RAW, some JPG, some both. Some of us rename, others don’t.

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