ON1 Plus May Recap & Sneak Peek of What’s Ahead

Hi Everyone! Thank you for being a member of the Plus community. In this recap we highlight everything from the past month and take a look at what’s in store next month. We hope that Plus has been a fun distraction for you all during this tough time. There was a ton of awesome learning materials in May to help fuel your passion and learn something new, enjoy!

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May Plus Critiques Recap

We had some stellar photos posted this month in the ON1 Plus Critiques gallery. We also saw a group of new folks posting, and we saw a lot more activity in the comments, both of which we love to see. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Hudson and I went through the gallery, and chose 30 photos that we felt showcased good work, or offered some teaching moments that could help us all. And, since we can’t critique every photo submitted, we have gone through and commented on many of the photos submitted. And, with that, here are a few of our favorite photos from the month.

3253 Berry Picker, by Paule Hjertaas

Paule’s shot of a Hepatic Tanager with a berry in its beak is spectacular: the face, eye and the berry are perfectly in focus, as is the claw holding the bird to the branch. And the composition is wonderful too, with a lovely blurred background, and the right amount of negative space at the bottom right of the frame. Just wonderful, Paule.

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May Plus Photo Critiques open

May’s Plus Photo Critiques gallery is now open for submissions. You can submit photos via the uploads page through Sunday, May 17.

This month, there isn’t a theme, but a few people mentioned that they had missed an opportunity to submit for last month’s theme. If you’d like to continue along with the pandemic/isolation/quarantine theme, feel free to do so. Put the hashtag #isolation in the description field, with a little bit about what made you choose this photo.

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ON1 Plus April Recap & Sneak Peek of What’s Ahead

Hi everyone! We’ve been super busy at ON1 prepping our latest offering ON1 360° and of course, Plus will be your leading training resource for this new technology soon. For now, let’s rewind and look at all the training last month with a quick peek of what is ahead this month.

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April 2020 Plus Critiques Recap

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for our April critiques. For a theme this month, we asked you to come up with photos that addressed your feelings about the lockdowns and isolation related to the current pandemic, and we received some wonderful submissions. In the video, which can be viewed directly above, we chose 30 photos from the group to talk about, to showcase some stellar shots, and to offer constructive criticism on others. (Since we can’t critique every photo, we’ll also comment on some of the others in the gallery in the coming days.)

Here are a few photos from this month that caught our eye, including some of our favorite variations on the theme:

The Bench, by Charles

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ON1 Plus Bookshelf: Do’s and Don’ts of Vignettes

Hi everyone! We have a special, unplanned addition to the ON1 Plus Bookshelf. Do’s and Dont’s of Vignettes by our good friend John Clark was an idea he came up with to help entertain those of you stuck inside during the pandemic. This 15 page guide includes screenshots and before/after images and lots good tips!

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March Plus Recap & What’s Ahead

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoy the video above and I hope we have been a fun distraction. We have lots of cool stuff planned and new releases coming up. Below are the links for the items mentioned in the video.

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March Plus Critiques Recap

We just posted the video for the March Plus Photo Critiques, which you can view by clicking on the thumbnail above. As always, we try to pull a cross section of submitted photos, both to showcase great work and to provide some constructive criticism on photos that are close, but could use some help.

Based on some feedback last month, we decided to critique more photos in March than we normally do. To keep the video from getting too long, you might find that we were a bit quick in our assessment on some photos. Hudson and I will also do our best to comment on a few more images in the gallery over the next week. Please note that we can’t critique every image submitted; we try to balance critiques from month to month, so that we’re not leaving folks out. It’s our belief that the critiques aren’t just about us critiquing your photos, they’re a great way for us all to see what makes up a good photo, and what small things we can do to improve our own photos.

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