January 2020 ON1 Plus Loyalty Rewards

Your January 2020 ON1 Plus Loyalty Rewards are now available! This month, download the Blending Mode Mini-Course and our exclusive for ON1 Plus, The Best Blend Modes for Landscapes eBook!

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The New ON1 Plus Bookshelf

Hi everyone! We’re excited to add the first ePublication to the NEW ON1 Plus Bookshelf; Luminosity Masking Made Easy by John Clark. This 9 page PDF focuses on one of the most powerful editing techniques.  You can download and read on any device or print each PDF to keep forever.

The new ON1 Plus Bookshelf will include written materials like step-by-steps, tool guides, and cheat sheets along with other creative materials.

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January Plus critiques open, with prizes!

We hope everyone had a safe, happy and productive end to 2019, and that your photographic juices are recharged and ready for the new year.

The January 2020 critiques will open this evening, January 7, and we’re going to open the year with a special theme. We’d like you to go through your 2019 work, and pick a photo that you believe is one of your best, but which you haven’t yet submitted to the critiques. We’re hoping that, after a year of watching the critiques videos, and by taking a fresh look at your work, you’ll find a hidden gem, or something that you feel is close, and you want to share it with us.

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Happy Anniversary ON1 Plus & What’s Ahead

We hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and getting a chance to relax—spending time with loved ones and with your photography. The ON1 Plus community is approaching its fourth anniversary! 🍾

This past year has been packed full of exclusive content and bonuses for the ON1 Plus members. We want to take the opportunity to remind everyone about all the excellent photography training we had this past year. We will also share our BIG plans for what’s coming to ON1 Plus in 2020, and we want to make next year the best one ever!

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December 2019 ON1 Plus Loyalty Rewards

Your December 2019 ON1 Plus Loyalty Rewards are now available! This month, download the ON1 Holiday Collection and our exclusive for ON1 Plus, Holiday Card Templates!

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December Plus Critiques recap

We’re back on track with the monthly critiques, and our December session is now live — click on the thumbnail above to view the video.

We saw a lot of great photos this month, and we wish we could write about every one we mention in the video. That said, here are a few of the photos Hudson and I felt deserving of an extra mention this time around:

Tent Building at Night, by DPlockard

This photo jumped out to us as a superlative nighttime reflection shot. The color of the tent building, reflected almost perfectly in the pool, adds a beautiful glow to the overall scene. The edges of the frame have enough detail and light to provide a bit more balance overall, and the tips of the building are nestled inside the frame, as they should be. Hudson noticed immediately that the sign, visible in the facade, is missing in the reflection, which offsets slightly the symmetry of the scene, making it even more powerful. Magnificent work.

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Coming Soon to ON1 Plus! How to Shoot Products

In this video, ON1’s Dylan Kotecki is going to walk you through the basics of product photography. He will cover gear considerations, explore various lighting setups, and explain how to stage a scene.

After the shoot, he’ll take the photos he captured at different exposures by light painting and combine them into a single composite with simple masking and blending techniques. This video will be made free to all Plus members later this month.

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ON1 Photographer Spotlight: Interview with David Schelske

Meet the next ON1 Plus guest coach, David Schelske! He goes by Dave, and he has been a friend of ON1 for a long time… He works professionally as a commercial photographer but we finally convinced him he should take his experience and knowledge and share it with you. Coming next year he will be producing a “How to Shoot Automotive” episode to join the popular How to Shoot series.

The video will be made free for all Plus members later next year. Listen to the interview and view a slideshow of some of his most memorable shots in the video above.

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November Plus Critiques recap; December Critiques open

The November Plus Critiques video has been posted; you can watch all of the critiques by clicking on the video at the top of the screen.

We had a great group of photos submitted, and Hudson and I chose more than 20 photos that we felt were worthy of discussion, from new Plus members and old hands. We appreciate you taking the time to show us your work.

Here are a few of our favorites this month.

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