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ON1 Plus May Recap & What’s Ahead

Summer is just around the corner here in Portland, Oregon. Wherever you are, we hope you’re having fun with your photography! June is an exciting month for Plus members, let’s take a look at next month’s exclusives as well as what was released in May.

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ON1 Plus April Recap & What’s Ahead

May is here! We’re almost to summertime here in the Pacific Northwest. Last month was filled with Plus exclusives, and May is no different. Let’s look back at some of our favorites from April and peek into what’s ahead!

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ON1 Plus March Recap & What’s Ahead

We’re already into April! The time flies when you’re having a blast in your photography! Last month was jam-packed with Plus exclusives. Let’s take a look back at some of our favorites from March and peer into the future of what’s to come in April!

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February Recap & What’s Ahead for ON1 Plus

We hope everyone had a fantastic February! Last month was an exciting month for Plus members and their photography, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite Plus exclusives and peek into the future of what’s to come in ON1 Plus for March!

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ON1 Plus 2021 Recap & What’s Ahead

Thank you for being a part of the ON1 Plus community, 2021 was a fantastic year for ON1 Plus, and we have an even more planned for 2022! In 2021, we released full-length courses covering everything from wildlife photography to capturing professional images on your mobile phone, tip videos for excelling in various niches of editing, eBooks to download, and much more. Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite courses from 2021 while peeking into the future of 2022.

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Mt. Adams photo

Plus Critiques Final Gallery Celebration is Open

As Hudson and I noted in the November Plus Critiques video, we are stepping down from the monthly critiques in 2022. We’ve truly enjoyed interacting with the Plus community via the critiques over the past three years, and will miss our monthly group of regular and new contributors, but it feels like the right time for us all to move on. Hudson and I both hope that we’ve provided useful and constructive criticism and encouragement over the years; it’s been a real joy watching everyone evolve as photographers in that time.

For December, we’ve decided to bypass the monthly critique and instead have one final gallery, one that celebrates the Plus critiques community. Instead of submitting photos for a critique, we would like Plus members to upload their favorite photo from the past two years. It can be a photo that you’ve submitted previously for critiques, or it can be one that we haven’t yet seen. The idea is that we’ll have a collection of our Plus members’ finest moments from the past two years.

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ON1 Plus October Recap & What’s Ahead

We’re heading into the gloomy, rainy months of Portland’s winter but that doesn’t mean the photography is stopping – we’re still cruising along in our photography journey, and there is much more to learn! Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite Plus exclusives from the past few weeks and peer ahead into the future of what’s to come in ON1 Plus!

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