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All presets listed below work with Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and Classic CC.

ON1 Photo RAW 2019

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Landscape Vibrations Presets and Brushes by Sleeklens

This Lightroom preset pack by Sleeklens includes 30 presets perfect for all types of landscape photos including "Break of Dawn" and "Classic Sunset" and a wide range of uses. There's more! This pack also includes 16 brushes for performing local adjustments such as color, haze, light, and polish. Exclusive to ON1!

Winter Wonderland Presets by Contrastly

This preset pack by Contrastly includes some of their newest and best winter-time presets for Lightroom! From black & white, desaturated, and dehaze presets, all the way to sky enhancers, vintage retro, and other various looks to help you achieve the perfect winter look for your photos!

Grain and Film Presets by Contrastly

This preset pack by Contrastly is perfect for anyone looking to add grain and a retro film feel to their photos. It includes vintage film, black & white, grain and noise, and cinematic effect presets. Exclusive to ON1!

ON1 Kids Matte B&W Presets

This preset pack created by Bliss Studio is perfect for baby and kid portraits. Each preset offers a matte Black and White look that will complement those beautiful skin tones.

Nicolesy's Matte Presets

This preset pack will give your photos a vintage, "faded with time" matte look. Each preset softens the blacks and adds a slight split toning effect. For more presets from Nicole take a look at her site.

Matt Kloskowski's Spotlight Presets

This preset pack takes advantage of the Radial Filter effect in Lightroom. Each preset lets you control the area in the photo you want to highlight by putting a spotlight effect on that area. For more Lightroom presets and news, visit Matt's blog.

ON1 Signature Collection Presets Volume 2

Enhance your images with this new set of presets for Lightroom. This collection of 29 presets for Lightroom will help you get the look of popular Instagram™ filters, cross-processing techniques, grunge looks, and much more!

ON1 Signature Collection Presets Volume 1

Enhance your images with the ON1 Signature Collection Presets for Lightroom. Use this collection of 60 presets, created with the adjustment tools found in Lightroom, to make your images pop.

ON1 Photo RAW 2019

Your Replacement for Lightroom & Photoshop

For Mac & Windows. No subscription.

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