ON1 Workflow — Tone, Color, and Artistic Effects

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ON1 Guru, Blake Rudis, takes us through an entire workflow in this extended video clip. He will show us his classic Tone, Color and Artistic Effects Workflow steps, but with the ON1 Photo RAW spin on it.

This video is quite the in-depth Workflow tutorial. Blake will start in Develop to clean up his image and get the tones and colors just right. Then, Blake takes some time to show us a more detailed look at how he uses the Apply To settings in Effects. These settings are extremely powerful because they allow you to apply your effects to specific parts of your image without affecting the others. He will use this technique with an HDR Look, a Split Tone, and a Sunshine effect and polish the whole image up with a Big Softy vignette that protects your highlights. Please download the PDF and follow along.

Inside the PDF you will find a link to download the image that Blake is working on

Blake is also a coach for the ON1 Plus community. If you want to see more videos like this; ON1 Plus is a thriving community of ON1 users just like you. Plus members get access to premium content and on-demand training and instruction for ON1 apps, including tips for shooting in the field. Communicate directly with industry leading photographers and ON1 experts. Participate in challenges, photo critiques, private discussions and more! Join ON1 Plus

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