Working the Landscape Field to Edit Palouse

with Hudson Henry & Rick LePage

A Spectacular ON1 Photo Adventure

Join ON1 Gurus Hudson Henry and Rick LePage for this virtual ON1 workshop as they explore and shoot the Palouse then return to the editing room for processing in ON1 Photo RAW. This new ON1 Photo Kit is not your standard video training package. It's a spectacular photo adventure to a stunning location with the two best ON1 professionals and insiders on the planet. Hudson and Rick share their processes for scouting, capturing, importing, and culling in the field, before venturing back to the studio to show the best methods for editing inside ON1 Photo RAW 2021.

What is Working the Landscape?

See Everything That's Included

It's Loaded!

Working the Landscape Course

15 chapters, 226 minutes (both in the field and at the computer)


Working the Landscape eBook

A step-by-step guide to editing landscape photos in ON1 Photo RAW

Download Sample Chapter →

20 New Photo RAW 2021 Presets

Bring your landscape photos to life with these amazing presets

Preview →

20 Ultra-high Resolution Sky Background Images from the Palouse

Use for compositing with a video detailing how to integrate them in Photo RAW

Preview →

Original Raw Files

Each of the raw files used in the videos to follow along


Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from your other landscape editing videos and courses?

It's different in a number of ways. This photo kit is a virtual workshop: you get to come along with us as we explore and shoot in the Palouse, then work with us in the editing room. We bring you along on a photo adventure to a spectacular location while sharing both of our processes for scouting, capturing images, backing up those images as well as importing and culling them in the field. Back in the studio we walk through our methods for editing them in Photo RAW 2021. It's a full landscape workflow set in a fabulous location and we cover our practice for capturing and editing everything from single frames to panoramas, HDR, NO Noise AI and focus stacking for the landscape.

Are the sky backgrounds included actually from your trip to the Palouse?

Every single one of them is.

Do these ON1 presets work great on all types of images?

This pack of presets is diverse enough to cover a wide array of images and genres. Each of the presets is designed to yield a slightly different look. The way we approach a preset pack is to create enough diversity in the individual presets that one or more of the pack should be very close to the final look we're after. Clicking that preset can save a great deal of time finish editing. Our mantra is that the preset is rarely the end point, it's a starting point for your image. It's always important to run through the Effects filter settings in the preset to fine tune it for the particular image you are applying it to and also to learn how each filter or preset affects the image. Adjusting and studying presets is a great way to learn the full power of editing in Photo RAW.

What's on Rick’s tunes playlist while riding in the van?

Hudson: I'll let Rick chime in here. He wasn't in a super musical mood, but I was hooked on the Black Keys new album Delta Kream. We ran that a few times.

Rick: I just drive El Jefe, the van — Hudson mans the tunes… ;)

Working the Landscape Field to Edit Palouse

with Hudson Henry & Rick LePage

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