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The Best Photoshop Alternative for Professional and Amateur Photographers

Finding the right photo editing software for your unique workflow can be one of the toughest things about being a photographer. Adobe is one of the most widely recognized companies in the industry, offering a vast toolkit for anyone looking to tweak, transform or totally overhaul their images. But let’s be honest, it’s not the perfect fit for everyone. Whether it’s the steep learning curve, the monthly subscription fees or simply a desire for change, many are looking for an alternative to Photoshop that hits the sweet spot between capability and ease of use.

That’s where we can help. ON1 Photo RAW is positioned as the best Adobe Photoshop alternative, blending powerful tools with a simple interface, all wrapped up in a package far more approachable and less painful on the wallet. You don’t just want to swap one tool for something similar to Photoshop in price and complexity. You need to find a match that feels right for your workflow, your creative vision and, yes, your budget too. Let’s get started and see what makes ON1 stand out as the best Photoshop alternative for photographers of all stripes.

ON1 Photo RAW: The Leading Adobe Photoshop Alternative

ON1 Photo RAW encapsulates what many seek in an Adobe Photoshop alternative: a powerful, flexible and user-friendly toolset offered at an exceptional value. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiastic amateur, ON1 provides a compelling choice for those looking to expand their creative horizons without the constraints of traditional software models.

Comprehensive Editing Comparable to the Industry Giants

ON1 software integrates many of the same editing tools and features found in Adobe’s flagship software, including layers, layer masks, text, luminosity masking, blending modes, content-aware tools, retouching tools and special effects, alongside specialized tools for raw file handling. In fact, it’s a lot like having the capabilities of Camera Raw, Lightroom and Photoshop all combined into one application. Such a comprehensive suite makes ON1 Photo RAW an excellent RAW photo editor and a versatile Photoshop alternative for anyone looking to simplify complex tasks commonly associated with Adobe software.

User-Friendly Interface for All Skill Levels

One of ON1 Photo RAW’s biggest advantages is its user-friendly interface. If you’re already accustomed to Adobe applications, you’ll find ON1’s environment welcoming, enhancing its attractiveness as an excellent photo editing software for beginner and professional workflows. This ease of navigation ensures that users can leverage the software’s powerful features without a steep learning curve, aligning with the needs of those seeking an alternative to Photoshop that won’t compromise functionality.

Affordable and Flexible Pricing Model

When it comes to photo editing, the correlation between software power and price often discourages many potential users. However, ON1 Photo RAW breaks this mold by offering incredible value through its non-subscription-based pricing model. This approach makes it an affordable Adobe Photoshop alternative and caters to a broader audience wary of ongoing subscription fees. The software is continuously updated with new features, performance enhancements, feature refinements, camera support and lens support, ensuring users receive significant value for their investment.

Beyond Basic Editing: A Full Suite of Advanced Tools

ON1 doesn’t stop at basic photo editing. Our suite of standalone and plugin apps elevates your photo editing game, rivaling Photoshop’s powerful adjustments and features. Whether you’re refining portraits, designing complex compositions or enhancing landscapes, ON1 software is designed to be easy to use while packing a punch in terms of capabilities. This balance of simplicity and power positions ON1 as one of the best alternatives to Photoshop for those who demand excellence without complexity.

5 Features That Make ON1 the Best Photoshop Alternative

There are a lot of factors that help elevate ON1 Photo RAW beyond just being a Photoshop alternative to the preferred choice for many photographers. These features blend ease of use with advanced capabilities, leveraging AI technology to streamline editing without sacrificing precision or creativity. Before you check out the free trial, take a look at the five best features photographers can utilize within ON1 software.

1. Revolutionary Effects for Quick and Creative Edits

While Photoshop sets the bar high for photo editing, it often requires a convoluted, multi-step process to apply effects, making it daunting for many users. ON1 Photo RAW offers a dedicated section for photo effects, featuring 31 easily applicable and highly effective options. From adding Sunflare to applying Dynamic Contrast or making Color Adjustments, these effects are stackable, searchable and offer fine-tuned control. This capability significantly reduces the complexity and time involved in enhancing photos, offering a user-friendly Photoshop alternative that doesn’t compromise the quality of the outcome.

2. Intuitive Layers for Complex Compositions

Layers are fundamental to sophisticated photo editing, allowing for the stacking of multiple photos or adjustment layers. ON1 simplifies this feature without stripping away its power, providing an accessible yet potent tool for creating complex compositions. Unlike other alternatives to Photoshop, ON1’s layers include the ability to integrate with layer masks for targeted edits, streamlining the process of applying adjustments to specific parts of your image.

3. AI-Driven Masking for Precision Editing

Photoshop’s native masking tools often fall short without the aid of third-party plugins. ON1, however, integrates AI technology to elevate masking capabilities, making selections as easy as a click. With masking tools like Super Select AI and Quick Mask AI, ON1 offers a suite of AI-based selection tools for layers, effects and local adjustments. This advanced technology facilitates quick, precise selections, streamlining the editing workflow and enabling more creative freedom.

4. State-of-the-Art AI Noise Reduction and Sharpening

The noise reduction tools in Photoshop are notoriously subpar, often requiring external plugins for satisfactory results. ON1 NoNoise AI, fully integrated within ON1 Photo RAW, revolutionizes this aspect by using AI to dramatically reduce noise with minimal effort. Alongside Tack Sharp AI for correcting blur and Resize AI for optimal sharpening and resizing, ON1 offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing image clarity and detail, significantly outperforming Photoshop’s native capabilities.

5. Simplified AI Portrait Retouching Tools

While Photoshop is renowned for portrait retouching, the complexity of achieving professional results can be overwhelming. ON1 demystifies this process with an entire section dedicated to portrait retouching powered by AI. Users can effortlessly adjust eyes, noses and mouths, whiten teeth, modify head size and smooth skin tones with simple sliders. ON1 automatically identifies facial features, making it incredibly easy to apply precise adjustments, offering a more approachable and efficient Photoshop alternative for portrait photographers.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Best Adobe Photoshop Alternative

If you still have questions or would like to learn more about ON1 Photo RAW and why it’s considered the best Adobe Photoshop alternative, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What Are the Key Features to Look For in a Photoshop Alternative?

Consider software matching your editing needs and creative endeavors when looking for a Photoshop alternative. Key features to look for include layer tools, RAW processing, AI tools and painting/drawing features.

What Is the Best Photoshop Alternative for Beginners?

If you’re looking for user-friendly photo editing software for beginners fully equipped with powerful editing capabilities, ON1 Photo RAW offers an intuitive interface and a range of features that cater to newcomers. It combines simplicity with advanced tools, making it an ideal starting point for those new to photo editing.

What Support and Community Resources Are Available for ON1 Photo Raw?

ON1 Photo RAW offers a variety of support and community resources to its users. Among these, the ON1 Plus Forums provide a platform for users to search for answers, interact with each other and discuss everything related to photography. These forums are part of the ON1 Plus community, which also includes access to a video library, video courses, a creative library, a bookshelf and loyalty rewards. ON1 Plus members receive priority support and can engage in members-only forums for personalized interaction and learning​.

Try the Best Photoshop Alternative for Yourself

Try ON1 Photo RAW today and experience a seamless blend of power and simplicity. With its user-friendly interface, advanced AI tools, comprehensive support and extensive learning resources, ON1 Photo RAW stands out as the best Photoshop alternative for beginners and seasoned professionals. From robust RAW processing to creative effects and precise editing capabilities, ON1 offers everything you need to unleash your creative potential. Join a vibrant community of photographers, benefit from regular updates and take advantage of software that grows with your skills.