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Posted on March 25, 2015 by Patrick Smith - 36 Comments


New video series! One of the things we get asked about the most is workflow. Which tasks do you do in Lightroom, Photoshop or the Perfect Photo Suite?

So we thought we’d start a little video series to help out. Basically, one of our gurus will start with your photo, but then apply their look and processing to it. It’ll be really cool for people to see what a different set of eyes looks like on an image.

So, if you want to be included, post a link to one of your photos as a comment (Raw photo preferred but hi-res JPEG is ok too) or submit by email. That’s it. Then keep an eye out on the blog for the videos. We can’t show all the photos submitted, but will do our best to offer some good variety. Thanks!

on1 Labs: Luminosity Masking

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Dan Harlacher - 4 Comments

Luminosity masks are an advanced technique that allows you to blend layers (or effect in Perfect Effects) together, and modulate the amount of blending using the brightness of the photo. Wow, that was a mouthful. Let me give you an example to explain.

Let’s say you are working in Perfect Layers and you want to lighten the shadows in your photo. A simple way to do that is to duplicate the layer of the photo and set its blending mode to screen. If you are following along you will see that that the entire image becomes brighter. You will have more detail in your shadows, but at the cost of the highlights getting brighter too. You could use the masking tools like the Masking Brush to paint back in the highlights but it may take time and may not look as natural as you would like. This is a great time to use a luminosity mask instead, one of the new features in Perfect Photo Suite 9.5

To create a luminosity mask, go to the Mask menu and select Create Luminosity Mask. This will use the luminosity, or the black and white interpretation of the photo and paste it in as a layer mask. If you think about the way a layer mask works, white reveals and black conceals. So any part of your image that is dark will not get the lightening effect and any part of the image that is bright will get the darkening effect. Now in this case, that’s the opposite of what we want, so simply invert the mask using the Invert Mask command. Now the effect of the screen blending mode only gets applied to the dark areas of the photo, lightening just the shadows.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to luminosity masking. You can also copy and paste luminosity masks from photo to photo and from module to module, you can even use them in unique ways to blend textures into your photos. Of course you can blend your use of the masking tools, like the Masking Brush to edit a luminosity mask too. We hope that you find luminosity masking a powerful new tool in your arsenal.

Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 – Coming Soon

Posted on March 23, 2015 by Patrick Smith - 73 Comments

9.5-b copyNot yet, but just around the corner (in around two weeks), Perfect Photo Suite 9.5, an updated version to Perfect Photo Suite 9 will be available for owners to download – FOR FREE. So, how will we notify Suite 9 owners once it’s posted? We will do the following:

  • Email registered users the day 9.5 is posted to our site
  • Auto update feature built into the app will prompt you to download the update once it’s posted
  • You can also get it here at any time after the post date

Included in this latest update are many significant performance and feature improvements.

Key Enhancements in Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 (check out the latest on1 labs posts for videos)

The Perfect Browse update add key improvements in four areas; grid view, detail view, caching, and albums. Grid view has been reworked to be much much faster and smoother when you scroll through thumbnails. Detail view, for looking at one photo at a time, has been improved so you will hardly ever see a pixelated version of your photo. This will be a much better experience when scrolling through full previews at a regular pace. The persistent cache of thumbnails and previews allows you to go back to a folder you have viewed before and make it lightning fast to view.

Albums are a new feature for Perfect Browse and it allows you to make a list, or collection of photos. The great part about on1 Albums is that photos added to the album can live anywhere (local hard disk or the cloud). Files don’t get duplicated when you add them to an Album, it’s more like a list of shortcuts.

Perfect Portrait has also undergone significant performance improvements. You will immediately notice the start up speed (from opening Portrait to finding faces). The adjustments of the eyes are mouth are also much faster.

There are many more features and performance enhancements found in version 9.5, including a new line mask tool; luminosity masking, and bug fixes.

About the Suite

Perfect Photo Suite is a full-featured photo editor that works either as a plug-in editor to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and Aperture, or as a standalone app. Regardless of your workflow, the Suite provides all the necessary tools for editing your photos, improving portraits, adding popular looks in color or black and white, resizing for large-format printing, and making complex selections with minimal effort.

Our open system allows access to your photos no matter where they are stored: your computer, your network, or on cloud-based storage services. We support all of the key online storage services, including Dropbox, iCloud Photo Stream, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Availability and pricing

Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 is a FREE update to existing owners of version 9 (or 9.0.2). It is also available for sale in two versions: Premium and Basic. The Premium edition supports Photoshop CC, CC 2014, and CS6; Lightroom 5 and 4; Photoshop Elements 13, 12 and 11; and Apple Aperture 3. The Basic edition, works as a standalone app and does not have plug-in support. Upgrade pricing is available for owners of a previous version of Perfect Photo Suite.

on1 Labs: Faster Browse – Part II

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Dan Harlacher - 3 Comments

Coming soon as a free update for Perfect Photo Suite 9

Getting to your photos fast is important. We want to be the fastest way to view and browse your images, bar none. With each release of the Perfect Photo Suite we continue to improve the speed or Browse. While we are not the fastest yet, we are working hard to get there.

Here is a preview of some of the changes we are working on, coming soon to the Perfect Photo Suite. We have focused on three key improvements to Browse to make it faster:

  • First we have reworked the grid view that shows the thumbnails. We have made it much faster and more smooth when you scroll. You could now have a folder with hundreds of thousands of images and smoothly scroll through all of them.
  • Second we have improved Detail View when you want to look at one image at a time. Our goal is to never show you a pixelated image. We have made good progress towards this by reading ahead so that large previews are ready to view. If you arrow through your files at a normal pace of about one to two per second you should not see pixelated versions of your images. We also continue to generate thumbnails in the background when you are in Detail View.
  • Last but not least we have added a persistent cache of the thumbnails and previews so that when you go back to folder you have viewed before it is lightning fast, as we have already generated the thumbnails and previews for you.

And we are not done. There are still several areas of improvement we continue to work on to eek out even more speed for the future. Let us know what you think.

on1 Labs: Albums

Posted on March 16, 2015 by Dan Harlacher - 6 Comments

Coming soon as a free update for Perfect Photo Suite 9

Albums are a handy new feature we are working on for Perfect Browse. An album is a way to make a list, or collection, of photos. The cool thing about an Album is that the photos in them can live anywhere, like a local hard disk or the cloud. The other cool thing is that the images don’t get duplicated when you put them in an Album, think of it like a list of shortcuts.

You can create an Album to keep track of your favorite images, stock submissions, etc. When I’m working on a book project I create an Album to keep track of the images that I may put into the book.

Creating an Album is easy. Start by selecting a few images you want to create an Album from and simply drag and drop them onto the New Album drop area. This will create a new Album from the images. You can then drag and drop more onto the Album itself. If you create a copy when you edit an image, and it lives in an Album, the copy gets placed in the Album too.

If you are familiar with Collections in Lightroom this works in a similar way. One thing you may be asking for are Smart Albums (Albums that update their contents based on a search). While we haven’t put this into Albums yet, you can do the same thing using the Saved Filters option in the Filters pane.

We are excited to get Albums in your hands very soon. Let us know what you think.