About the ON1 Photo RAW Project

The ON1 Photo RAW Project gives you the chance to be a part of what we're developing at ON1. You have a voice in the future of photo editing. Your ideas will help us deliver the best available apps for photography, give us insight into what's most important, and help spark innovation.

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Share your ideas for new Photo RAW features. Make sure you write a convincing description. Remember, people won't be able to give an idea a high rating unless they understand the idea completely.

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With supporters, your ideas will get higher ratings. In fact, tell everyone you know to support your idea. The more ratings an idea gets, the more likely it will be sent to our product development team.

ON1 Will Review It

After an idea reaches 200 ratings with a 3-star or higher rating, the project team will review the details and begin asking questions. We can't put every good idea into development, but we'll try!

ON1 Photo RAW Ideas

Retired in 2005 from IT. I use Pentax and Sony cameras. Member of a photo club for 10 years. Live in a small town south of Montreal Canada.
  • In reply to: Focus Stacking Limit

    Just have a look at Affinity Photo to get a good idea about stacking.

  • Me too.

  • Pentax and Olympus please.

  • I know, I have Affinity too. Nice complement to ON1.

  • In reply to: Soft Proofing

    I need this function and a couple of others to be able to forget about about Lightroom and Photoshop Elements…

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