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Need more advanced file renaming function

I have more than ten thousands photos in the library because I am a portrait photo grapher. So the file names are important to me. For now, ON1 file naming function is very weak. To summerize, renaming files at least need below functions:

1, 2018 has version/virtual copy function, which is good. However, the file name of a new version is ridiculous: v1? v2? If I want to create three copies, such as BW, Sepia, Pop. I need to put these as virtual copy name, and they can be added as prefix or suffix or anywhere I want when the images are exported. I am talking about hundreds/thousands images, so this is big deal.

2, In-library renaming. For each person, I may take 20 photos, so I may want to rename them and add sequential numbers as prefix/suffix/anywhere I want, and also padding. Also may retrieve metadata and put into the name.

3, Exporting images with new filename. Similarly as above, but they will be done during exporting. And virtual copy names should

4, Okay, we know that Lightroom can do that, but below, a plain Lightroom can NOT do. Although some plugin can do this, however it has not been updated for ages, and there are bugs.

a – batch export to mirror the tree structure of the source folder. For example I have photos put in year/month/date structure. I want to send all the photos in smaller version but with the same structure.

b – batch export to mirror the category structure. Very similar with above idea, just witch (multiple levels of) category structure, not the source folder tree.


The renaming tool box can have many useful functions. There are lots of program now, just with different levels of function. The simple one only add sequential number as suffix, the advanced one can use regex to replace certain texts. A integratred renaming tool can be handy, but if not, the user can always use 3rd party tools, however, when the file name is changed externally, the main program may lost the track of the images. Yes, we can relocate and add them back, BUT, all the development settings are lost as well. I learn this in the hard way.


Thanks for listening!

5 comments on “Need more advanced file renaming function”

  1. On January 18, 2018 at 10:58 am Arnfinn Nilsen wrote:

    I would ask to also be able to base the renaming serial number on the new “Custom Sort” order from the info on the coming version of ON1 Raw 2018.

    The challenge I have today is that I usually photograph with more than one camera/lens combination. The time set on each camera can sometimes differ, resulting in a different sort order than I want my serial numbers based upon. Sometimes I may also have different reasons why I want to organize my images in a different order before renaming/assigning a serial number to my images. I think it’s a great feature to be able to use the custom sorting order to the images, as you have announced for the upcoming version.
    As of today, I use a manual renaming tool to rename the images (in bits and chunks) to get them in the right order before adding them to my ON1 catalogs. To be able to sort and rename my images the way I like from inside ON1 would be a great timesaver.

    My suggestion would be to have the same list of “Sort Order” selectable under the “Serial Number” option in the “Rename Tool”. This way we can have a wide option of the actual order which we assign our serial number on images we want to rename. Hope you add this to the upcoming release… :)

  2. On March 8, 2018 at 10:16 pm Carl Spencer wrote:

    I would like the ability to construct a new file name by entering combinations of text and key elements for example: file name, camera embedded serial number, all date elements, 1-5 digit serial numbers with user provided start number, and image related EXIF elements.

  3. On May 4, 2018 at 11:33 am John Scott wrote:

    This confuses me. With all the ways one can limit a view and sort through attributes, why use a file name to do it? Isn’t that a little old school?

  4. On March 11, 2019 at 12:29 am Mark wrote:

    I’d like to see more options in the import section in terms of file renaming. For example, Lightroom has Custom Text and Shoot Name. I’d like Photo RAW to utilise fields such as these and prompt the user when performing the import. I too do portraits and I use the custom text for the person’s name and Shoot Name for the “look” of that set (for example, the outfit being worn, etc.). So for importing maybe 10 sets, the custom text field remains the same and I just change the Shoot Name for each look.

    Photo RAW can do something like this but I need to ensure I change the value in template each time. Also, I need to add text fields such “_” between values.

    Being able to use values from metadata as well as being prompted would be extremely handy. This is probably one of the 4 or 5 things holding me back from going Photo RAW exclusively.

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