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Flexible renaming tool including padding and EXIF data

I would like to see a file renaming option across all image versions (jpg, corresponding raw and sidecar files) that will allow to define a filename pattern consisting of

  • static elements (e.g. photographer name or initials, contract reference, etc.)
  • a pattern of image attributes (dates/times, Exif data, counters, GPS data,… )
  • An option to define the format of such attributes (eg. “YYYY-MM-DD”, “YYYY/MMM/DD”) including padding options (so a counter would always occupy, lets say, 4 digits: “0001”..”0010″..”1589″)
    (This is tricky for attributes like aperture values which include nasty things like slashes)
    – pattern:
    – filenames:

This should also allow to adjust time references (ever forgot to set your camera clock to local time on exiting the airplane?)
The famous EXIFTool does some of these, but it doesn’t handle all EXIF data and it doesn’t offer padding, which creates filenames that will jump back and forth when scrolling through a directory.
(getting greedy here, aren’t I? ;-) )

7 comments on “Flexible renaming tool including padding and EXIF data”

  1. On July 6, 2016 at 1:09 pm David Phelan wrote:

    Flexible file renaming is really important.
    I think LR does a decent job on this and is a good pattern to follow.

  2. On December 21, 2016 at 12:51 pm Bill Hahn wrote:

    I currently use ACDsee Ultimate. The import to disk function allows for use of exif data (I rename all files to date/time and camera during the import process).

    I frequently use the batch rename and file updating process to rename files and make corrections to data/time stamps, when cameras aren’t set properly.

    Using EXIF and occasionally file date/time attributes are a requirement for the way I handle files.

  3. On September 5, 2017 at 1:40 pm Stephen Berte wrote:

    This is one of the capabilities that once ON1 has it, I can move away from LR. I still use LR just to automatically insert metadata and do custom file renaming because it is more flexible in those areas.

  4. On June 25, 2018 at 11:05 am Rob Kroon wrote:

    Renaming presets would also help in this field. I often use YY-MM description . The description would ideally be inherited from my user comment-exif (or other exif-fields) field and the sequence should (optionally be) reset for every YY-MM description combination. Now, if I rename 1000 files among several years, the sequence number increases to 1000, but that’s not ideal.

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