3 Tips for Enhancing Skies

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Learn a few quick tips for enhancing your skies inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. Skies can be a difficult area to deal with but Photo RAW makes it easy with a powerful shadows slider and customizable local adjustments.

Tip 1. Even your exposure out with your exposure and shadows sliders. Pull back on your exposure until you have the sky the way you want it. Then pull up on your shadows slider to reveal darker areas in your photo. This will give your photo even exposure between your sky and foreground.

Tip 2. Use Adjustable Gradients to adjust and target your sky area specifically. Gradients are a great way to keep your foreground and background modifications separate. Use the Adjustable Gradient (Shift + K) to darken or lighten your sky area. If you have a subject that intersects your foreground and background, you can use the Adjustment Brush (K) with your Perfect Brush turned on to brush away the darkness or light from it.

Tip 3. Use Local Adjustments to paint light and color on to clouds and skies to create style or mimic sunset looks. Inside Local Adjustments you can select Paint With Color to paint color and light onto your photo.



2 comments on “3 Tips for Enhancing Skies”

  1. On January 23, 2019 at 8:50 pm marc labro wrote:

    very nice tuto !
    this color painting way is a little limited however.
    it would be nice to have a FILL slider on blend mode to make beautiful color grading with hardmix, color burn, color dodge, lienar dodge,… like photoshop.
    waiting also for a gradient map.
    Both were suggested as ideas on forum.

    best regards

  2. On January 24, 2019 at 9:35 am Paul Meachen wrote:

    Can you explain what the “Classic” mode for paint with colour is supposed to be doing please? The other two modes are explained in the user guide, but not that one.

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