Quickly enhance portraits using ON1 Photo Raw 2018. Portrait photos often require some post-processing, learn how you can transform your basic capture into a stunning portrait using only three basic tools. Easily process, retouch, and refine your portrait with Photo Raw. Applying selective edits to portraits can help you improve your model’s features and bring them back to how you envisioned them when you were photographing. Learn these simple tricks to enhance your portrait using only local adjustments, your retouch brush, and a single filter.

1. Local Adjustments
Local adjustments allow you to apply selective edits to particular areas on your photo. By using local adjustments you can use brushes and gradients to mask in tone and color. Using the Magic Eye Fixer and Toothbrush styles will help you to make your models eyes pop and ensure their teeth remain white. Local adjustments are also great for brushing in light where your photo seems a little dim, you could also do the opposite if there are some overexposed areas in your photo.
2. Retouch Brush
The retouch brush is great for removing blemishes and distractions and skin. Simply brush on the area you want to be removed and the retouch brush will use content-aware technology to replace that area.  I would recommend that you do any retouching before you add any skin retouching so that you can see where your blemishes are.
3. Skin Retouching
Skin retouching is your go-to filter for smoothing and retouching skin. Make sure to use the dropper to select your model’s skin tone. Once you have the skin tone, a good way to apply the filter is to brush it on, ensuring that you don’t smooth out any of the areas on your model you want to have detail.