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The Best of ON1 Plus in 2022

2022 was a fantastic year for ON1 Plus! On top of exclusive courses, videos, and Hudson’s Tips & Tricks, we released several new series along with our yearly ON1 Plus Week. So let’s take a look back at some of our favorites from last year in the ON1 Plus Best of 2022!

There’s also a survey at the end to decide which topics you want to learn about in 2023 – take that here. 

In 2022, we released courses focused on editing techniques and innovative ways to create and adjust your photos. With lessons ranging from macro-photography to travel to portraiture and beyond – we were excited to release courses that focused on various subjects.

Your favorite Plus exclusive of the year was the Basics of RAW Processing Course – a course dedicated to editing, manipulating, and retouching RAW image files. Learn what RAW files are, why they’re beneficial, and how to adjust and modify them.

The Basics of RAW Processing

It’s no surprise that the Everything New in Photo RAW 2022 course is next on our list. This course, our first course released in 2022, dives deep into every new feature of Photo RAW, along with fun and innovative ways to fine-tune and adjust your RAW photographs.

Everything New in ON1 Photo RAW 2022

Coming up in our next top spot was our How to Use Creative Extras Course (not to get confused with the How to Shoot Creative Extras Course), which featured the ins and outs of capturing and creating your own custom extras to use in Photo RAW and Effects. From textures to borders to LUTs, this course has you covered when it comes to incorporating and blending creative extras and assets into your photos.

How to Use Creative Extras

If you’re looking to focus on the smaller things in life, the Introduction to Macro Photography Course was your next top course! In the Introduction to Macro Photography Course, we create and explore new worlds with our camera and lens. From water droplets to captivating textures, this course is perfect for anyone looking to jump into the tiny world of macro photography.

Introduction to Macro Photography

If you’re a Sky Swap AI fan, our next favorite will help you master the art of swapping and blending in new skies with your original ones. The Mastering Sky Swaps and Sky Enhancements course is your essential guide to enhancing and replacing the skies in your photography. From incorporating local adjustments to bring in detail and color to completely swapping out the sky background you have for a more interesting one – this course has you covered.

Mastering Sky Swaps & Sky Enhancements Course

Aside from skies, if you’re looking to better your portrait photography game, Matthew Jordan Smith released a Plus exclusive about capturing portraiture at home! With the How to Shoot One Light Portraits at Home Course, you’ll learn how to create and capture interesting portraits from inside smaller spaces such as your home or photography studio – and with minimal gear! This course is an excellent primer for anyone looking to up their portraiture game in the modern world!

How to Capture One-Light Portraits at Home

While Photo RAW’s organizational tools and features may not earn as much love as their NoNoise AI or Sky Swap AI counterparts – they are still some of the most powerful features inside the application! Nobody explains organization better than Hudson Henry, a long-time ON1 Guru, photography friend, and your monthly instructor for insider tips and tricks when using Photo RAW. Learn how to better organize your photography with May’s tip and trick video: How to Organize, Find, and Backup Images in Photo RAW.

How to Organize, Find, and Backup Images in Photo RAW

Learn more insider tips in Hudson’s monthly Tips and Tricks series. Hudson covers a wide variety of photo-processing topics. He’s traveled worldwide, capturing photographs of everything from exotic wildlife to breathtaking sunset landscapes. Fortunately for us, he loves to share his workflows and processes in the editing room for creating and managing his photos! Hudson covers a wide variety of photo-processing topics in his monthly Plus series. Catch up on any episodes you’ve missed here.

Start to Finish Editing With AI Masking

In 2022, we also released two new monthly series – the Live Edit & Photo Discussion and Style Talk.

In our Live Edit & Photo Discussion, Plus members decide which images we edit from a specific genre of photography. The files are available to download so that members can follow along with the event live. Learn tips and methods for editing an array of different types of photographs. We started this series with a Plus favorite: landscapes! Check out all of the Live Edits here.

Working With Layers Live Edit

The Style Talk series discusses both the in-the-field process and the editing techniques involved in recreating popular looks in photography. Learn how to approach the planning, capturing, and editing of different styles, including black and white, silky waterfalls, and minimalism. Catch up on all of the Style Talks here.

Style Talk – Moody and Dramatic

We were incredibly excited to release content last year that covered a variety of photography subjects. To help us plan for our courses and lessons next year, please take our survey and decide which topics you are most interested in learning about in 2023. As always, we’re thankful to have you as a Plus member and can’t wait to see how your photography evolves into the new year. Cheers!

9 comments on “The Best of ON1 Plus in 2022”

  1. On January 6, 2023 at 10:51 am S. Stanley Dawson wrote:

    S. Stanley Dawson

    I have not had enough time to go as far as I would like with On1 in 2022 but I really like what you have done with the new programming and upgrade. I am still getting use to the masking in Development, Effects, AI brushes, etc. etc., but I like what your developers have produced and your lay out. I’ll keep you updated on how things are going in 2023. Errrr, however, if given a voice on what I would like to see more of…, it would be presets and backgrounds. I am looking forward to expanding my use of these because that takes me into creating and I think there is a lot to do with old photos. That’s it. Thanks.

  2. On January 6, 2023 at 11:46 am Stephen Stevenson wrote:

    Stephen Stevenson

    For future courses I would prefer to have actual subject matter experts deliver the course instead of Dylan. I have started several courses and have not continued with them because of the manner in which Dylan presents them. His masking course was sloppy. It, I’m my opinion, makes the course more interesting when you have people who practice the subject on a daily basis rather than having someone who has general knowledge. The idea of a course is to be able to learn something new and exciting and I personally don’t feel that Dylan meets that expectation.

    1. On January 6, 2023 at 1:32 pm Roger Maillette replied:

      Roger Maillette

      I totale agrée with you Stephen.

      Scott Davenport is a lot better.


    2. On January 8, 2023 at 6:33 pm GUS IZURIETA replied:


      I totally DISGREE

      Dylan is the best

  3. On January 6, 2023 at 12:08 pm Alfred A Brissette Sr wrote:

    Alfred A Brissette Sr

    I would prefer that Hudson Henry spend less time describing particular (brand name) equipment he uses. Too much time is spent telling us name, model, reasons, where to purchase and cost. A recent course spent a lot of time telling us about his 600mm lens, when simply telling us that he uses it and why (excellent reach) would have been sufficient. If we’re attracted to an item, I would assume we’re all capable of researching specifics. Please get on with course specific educational material. We would all agree that you are very fortunate to own the equipment you use, but those who can’t afford that level of equipment are left feeling that we can’t achieve results like yours, or we already are advanced enough to know everything we need and already own it.

  4. On January 6, 2023 at 2:12 pm Andrew Gray wrote:

    Andrew Gray

    Tad harsh, but yes Scott’s vid are detailed and like his books easy to follow…and different presenters styles keeps u interested.

  5. On January 6, 2023 at 2:40 pm Melissa Emery wrote:

    Melissa Emery

    I’ve learned a lot from these courses, but I find it difficult to remember how certain edits were made when I’m trying to edit my own photos. Sometimes the videos move so fast through the steps that I have to go back and watch again and again, and then write it all down. I wish the courses would include a recap at the end of what steps were taken, just to pull it all together and review the content.

  6. On January 7, 2023 at 8:40 am Jack Gardner wrote:

    Jack Gardner

    Instead of blaming anyone, let me just say I moved from Photoshop Elements to ON1 in March of 2022. It is different, a lot to learn, and I am being diligent trying to become better. I even Updated to ON1 Raw 2023 this fall. I guess what I am saying is, “There are users of all levels of learning and comprehension!” I am creating Word Documents with notes I can understand and for reference. On1 is fantastic and I am learning. “Do I get lost and not know how to go forward or backward in the program sometimes, yes!” But I am sticking with it and I learned things that I share with a friend that has been on ON1 for over 5 years. Maybe every subject needs to have two lessons, one for general (please, not to basic), and then a second one to take us deeper once we have our feet under us. ON1 is great and reasonably priced. We need users on both ends of the spectrum to keep ON1 profitable. That is the only way that they will continue as one of the Premier Photo Editing Programs available!!

  7. On January 8, 2023 at 6:38 pm GUS IZURIETA wrote:


    I always found Dylan videos the best produced by your company.
    His pace is very good, his diction is also very good, he does not loose track of where he is going and he does NOT mumble along.

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