What’s the number one request I hear during editing sessions while I’m out teaching workshops? “Can you help me with organizing and protecting my photo library?” If you can’t find your files, it’s hard to work on and share them. If they are on one single hard drive, disaster is only an instant away. Many people have multiple copies of the same image in different folders and can’t remember why. In this video, I’ll show how I organize and backup my files in Photo RAW. I’ll explain how and why I work with raw files the way that I do and suggest some strategies to consider moving forward with your own photo library. Remember, this isn’t something you have to immediately apply to all your old images. Just get a start on a system that works for you moving forward and as you have time, go back and incorporate your older images into the new system bit by bit. Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or feedback.