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How to Quickly Use Presets

Quickly create and modify presets using ON1 Photo RAW 2018. Learn how to save your unique style into a preset quickly.

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Manage & Organize Presets

A convenient new feature to help you organize your presets and other extras inside of ON1 Photo RAW 2018.5 – coming soon.

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Using Presets in ON1 Photo RAW 2018

Presets are available throughout ON1 Photo RAW 2018. Learn how to get started using presets and how to find them, use them, save them, update them, and manage them. There is so much you can do quickly by using presets on your photos.

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ON1 Workflow – Managing Presets for Faster Editing

Preset Management can be an essential part of speeding up your workflow process. Like most things, being organized can be half the battle. I wanted to share a few tips on how to manage your presets by removing categories you do not need and organizing your favorite presets with quick and easy to find categories. When your presets are at your finger tips it makes your post editing, quick and easy to power through right in browse.

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ON1 Short Clip – Stacking Presets in Effects

The Insert Preset command in Effects is back in version 2017.5. This feature makes it easy to stack multiple presets and create even more looks in Effects. Just hover over a preset and hold down the alt/option key and when you click on the preset it will stack it on top of your other settings.


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ON1 Short Clip — Creating a Matte Black & White

Adding a black & white matte can really change the mood of an image giving it that extra finish that is needed. Creating a matte BW look is simple and once you have the steps it will lead you to creating many different types of matte looks even color ones.

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Portrait Workflow Series – Using Presets

We cap our mini portrait workflow series with part 8 – Using Presets. I go through some of the built-in presets in ON1 Photo 2017 which are great for using on portraits. Presets are the perfect starting point for styling and making amazing looking portrait shots.

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Apply Presets or Copy, Paste, & Sync Settings in Browse

The largest way to save time in your photo editing workflow is by using Presets. Now, inside of ON1 Browse, you can access all of your favorite Presets without having to visit another module, saving you loads of time.

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Using, Creating, and Saving Presets

If you’re new to ON1 Effects, presets are a great way to get started; they combine different filters together to stylize your images in fun ways. Along with the dozens that are included in ON1 Photo RAW when you buy it, you can also create your own custom presets to help tidy up your editing workflow.

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Using Presets for Your Printer and Paper

Presets are an incredible way to use ON1 Resize and help speed up the entire process. By accessing the Presets tab, you can choose a pre-packaged resizing formula built for your printer and paper type!

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ON1 Short Clip – New Global Presets

New in Photo RAW is the ability to save both edits from Develop and Effects in one preset. This creates a ton of great new opportunities for the types of presets you can create.

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ON1 Short Clip – Applying Presets from Browse

I am so excited to be able to apply presets from Browse in ON1 Photo RAW. Here is a quick look at how to apply presets directly from the browser. Applying certain looks to multiple photos is super fast and easy when combined with the new film strip view. It’s great for quickly proofing photos for clients.

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ON1 Short Clip — The Preset Workflow Trick

What if I told you the most effective preset I have in my ON1 Effects Preset folder does absolutely nothing to my image? Well, it’s true, my favorite preset in ON1 does nothing for my photograph while doing everything for my workflow. Oh the word play!

I harp on three things in every one of my video tutorials, target Tone, then Color, then hit the Artistic Effects. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a preset that will have no effect on your image, but will set you up for success while editing.

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Batch Processing Presets from Lightroom to ON1

Last week I did a video on the ways to jump to Lightroom from ON1. One of the questions that came up involved applying ON1 presets in Lightroom. While there’s no direct way to apply ON1 presets in Lightroom, there’s an awesome little tip about how you can batch export photos from Lightroom, and have ON1 automatically presets to the photos without you lifting a finger (well, after you lift your finger to kick off the batch process that is) :-)
Anyway, here’s a quick video on how to use the Lightroom Export dialog to apply your favorite ON1 presets. Enjoy!

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ON1 Short Clip — Batch Processing a Preset

Watch me quickly show you how to batch process a selection of images using the ON1 Export feature. Easily access multiple photos and apply a preset of your choice, making is faster to process your images!

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