Using Develop to Make Masking Simple

Often when I first open a raw photo I know that I’ll want to edit one part of it differently than another. Photo RAW’s non-destructive, masked workflow makes this easier than ever. A trick I often employ is starting by creating a mask before I do even the most basic of raw processing. By initially adjusting Develop’s basic tone sliders to unusual extremes, I can simplify creating a very useful mask to use later in the editing process. In this video, I’ll walk you through my process.

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Luminosity Masks an Advanced Look

Let’s wrap all this Luminosity Masking stuff up to one killer conclusion!  We are going to talk about some advanced concepts here, but by the time you are done, you will be prepared to take on the Empire!

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Luminosity Masks and Portraits

So we already talked about the Science behind Luminosity Masks and how to use them with Landscapes.
This week we are going to look at how we can use Luminosity Masks with Portraits.   Don’t read too far into this, in reality, it is no different than using them with Landscapes.  All of the principles remain the same we just have to decide where we want the viewer to focus.  Luminosity Masks can be instrumental with portraits, they are not just Landscape tools!

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Luminosity Masks and Landscapes

So we talked about the Science behind Luminosity Masks last week.  While I love that stuff (the inner number nerd in me) you may have found it to be a little underwhelming because we were working on a Test Image.

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Using Luminosity Masks to Selectively Apply Effects

Luminosity masks are a go-to tool of mine when shooting sunsets, or trying to make a subject and a sky stand out. Join me in this complete, start-to-finish ON1 Workflow edit using luminosity masks to accurately post-process and apply filters to specific parts of this image. You can download the practice file and full video in this post.

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Expert Masking & Compositing in ON1 Photo RAW 2017

Check out this sneak peek of the recently released ON1 Photo Kit: Expert Masking and Compositing by Photomorphis. An amazing collection of step-by-step tutorials, textures, presets, backgrounds, and creative borders to help you create beautiful composite images from any image type! Back for a limited time at this special pricing – this offer ends on December 31st!

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Now Available Expert Masking & Compositing in ON1 Photo RAW!

A special, limited time Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal for ON1 Customers brought to you by our partners over at Photomorphis! Watch the trailer video to learn more about the 3 part expert masking and compositing training video course, and take a peek at the other products included in this bundled ON1 Photo Kit – 6 products in 1!

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