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Masking & Creative Compositing

Learn how to create a stylistic composite using the AI Quick Mask Tool inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. First we will mask out our background from our subject. We can use this as our guide when we are blending layers together. Then we will use our Masking Brush to remove and add different textures onto our composite. From there we will top off the photo with some birds for a creative flare. Lastly we will merge the layers together into a New Stamped Layer and stylize with a LUTs Filter.

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Masking Using Advanced Techniques – ON1 Recorded Webinar

Join Software Educator Dylan Kotecki live as he demonstrates some advanced masking techniques. Watch to learn how to create luminosity and color range masks, how to use the new AI Quick Mask Tool, and much more!

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New AI Quick Mask Tool – ON1 Photo RAW 2019

The new AI Quick Mask tool, powered by machine learning, can create high-quality masks with just a few strokes as guidance while understanding color, tone, and textures to identify boundaries and create a detailed mask in a fraction of the time compared to other masking techniques.

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Using the AI Quick Mask Tool in ON1 Photo RAW 2019

I am excited to show how to use the new AI Quick Mask Tool included in ON1 Photo RAW 2019.2. It is awesome for creating a detailed mask in seconds, and allows you to get really creative when applying effects and other adjustments in your photo editing.

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Masking 101 for Beginners – ON1 Recorded Webinar

Join Dylan Kotecki live as he teaches the basics of masking inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. He will dive into the foundation of masking by modifying different filters and layers using masking brushes, gradients, and more!

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Masking 101 – ON1 Recorded Webinar

Join Dylan Kotecki as he explores many of the masking techniques and features inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019.

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Creative Filters Using Luminosity Masks – Tip of the Week

Learn how to add filters creatively using luminosity masks. Luminosity masks are a great way to target bright or dark areas in your photo. Take your photo to creative new heights using this masking technique. You can also copy and paste your luminosity mask onto other filters for a fast, fun way to edit.

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Advanced Tools & Techniques

Once you have a solid understanding of both global and more localized adjustments, it is time to dig into some of On1 Photo RAW 2019’s more Advanced tools. In this video, I will edit two images, leveraging everything we have covered so far while also mixing in the use of luminosity masks, advanced layer blending, creative use of noise reduction and much more. This will be the final video this month with the holidays fast approaching so I hope you have some fun with it!

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The Creative Composite Look

Let’s cook up some creative style in this Creative Composite Look. First we will mix and blend in a tree layer to create a unique look. Then we will stir in a birds layer. From there we will take our composite into Effects to add stylistic filters like LUTs, Split Tone, and more.

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The Painterly Sunset Look

With the Painterly Sunset Look, we will add some style and texture using a Luminosity Mask. Then we will mix in a little Glow and Sunshine into our water to blend. To top it all off we will add a small amount of Photo Filter.

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The Double Exposure Look

In this Double Exposure look we will mix up a few layers to make a creative composition. First we will position our layers so that we can mask and blend them. We will mix in a little film grain and then we will stir in an accent layer to add style and garnish.

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Masking in ON1 Photo RAW 2019 – ON1 Recorded Webinar

ON1 Software Educator Dylan Kotecki is back to show you how to mask inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019. Join him live as he shows different masking techniques and workflows.

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The Perfect Postcard Look

Create a stylish postcard look that will leave a lasting taste. Start by cropping and centering to a postcard size. Boost the tone and color and add stylistic filters to bring out the warm and deep colors. Garnish with a Border and text to finish.

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Adding & Masking Filters

In this video, you are going to learn how to edit and mask filters the ON1 Effects tab. Using a brush and gradient mask tool, you can selectively adjust the effects made for every individual filter in the stack. Take it a step further and see how blending options give you even deeper editing options. These powerful and easy to use masking options give you unlimited creative control for each of the professional filters.

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The Simple Sky Swap Look

This look mixes up a boring sky with an amazing one. We’ll use the HDR tools with simple exposure, tone, and color adjustments, then mix in a new, incredible sky and finish with a Golden Hour preset for a dramatic look.

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