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Interview with ON1 Guru Jim Welninski

Recently we sat down with Jim Welninski of Altered Space Photography, and newly minted ON1 Guru. His story is both fascinating and inspiring and we’re so excited to share it with you. Jim has always been an artist. From drawing, to video, and now photography, he considers himself an artist who uses a camera. You will simply love his unique and amazing imagery. 

Who is Jim Welninski?

I’ve been an artist my entire life. I began drawing at a very early age and kept it up until I realized I wasn’t very good at it. Music became the center of my life, and that’s how it was for a very long time. I knocked around in a few bands and then went into the technical side of the business as a recording engineer around 1980.

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Interview with Portrait Artist and Photographer Mike Long

We recently sat down with Mike Long, a hard working and amazing portrait artist based in Portland, Oregon. Mike is well known for Portland Pin-Ups, the west coast’s premier pin-up studio. Mike has been both a photographer and retoucher for over 20 years and along the way he has captured all styles of portrait from babies to weddings. A regular speaker at the annual WPPI conference in Las Vegas, Mike has also taken his teaching across the USA touring with Sandy Puc, and has also produced workshops in Canada and Australia. We recently chatted with Mike and are excited to seeing him bring his workflow to ON1 customers and also show how he uses ON1. Look for new videos in the coming months and check out this new awesome preset pack for Effects.

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Up Close with Doug Landreth

Doug Landreth is one of the nicest people we have had the pleasure of working with. He has been photographing parts of the world and the Pacific Northwest for the past 25 years. He is well known for his complex, conceptual photo-illustrations, and his large-scale production, lifestyle and transportation campaigns, for which he has received numerous national awards. For the past ten years Doug has been focusing not only on his thriving commercial business, but developing a large following for his painterly, composited fine art images.

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