Hey everyone! In this video I want to share some of the ways I to use the power of Photo RAW’s layered, non-destructive editing. While this video goes into some advanced topics like HDR capture and blending an HDR image with a standard image to capture even more highlight details, it’s still a video I’d have those of you newer to using the software take a look at. My way of processing generally involves using soft masking brushes and finding shortcuts to help avoid painstaking masking while keeping a high contrast image looking natural.

The photograph I’m working on here is of a location on Kauai that I’ve dreamed of photographing for years. I was on the island 6 days last month and spent four sunrises looking for this combination of conditions. I’ll share some of the story of capturing the images as well as how I blended them to get the look I was after.

Jump ahead to 06:50 to watch the editing.