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An Interview with Portrait Photographer Audrey Woulard

Meet photographer and educator Audrey Woulard, we sat down (virtually) for a quick interview to learn about her path into photography. We’re very excited for her to begin creating training videos for ON1, with a new approach to post-processing and a fresh perspective. Read the interview and welcome her to the community below.

Who is Audrey Woulard?

I am a portrait photographer based out of Chicago Illinois. I specialize in teen photography, but I will also photography families as well. In addition to my portrait work, I will photograph a few high profile commercial assignments a few times a year. I also teach photographers online and across the globe in countries like the UK, Canada, Amsterdam, and I have travelled to Australia a few times as well to teach photographers.


When did you first pick up a camera or become interested in photography?

The first time I picked up a camera was when I became interested in photography. That was back in 2001. I was a stay at home mom at the time, and my husband brought a really cheap digital camera home. From there, the rest is history. I began photographing my own children and became obessessed with learning everything there was about light.

Do you remember your first paying photography job and when did you realize you wanted to turn your passion for photography into a full time job and career?

My first paying jobs were from women I met on photography forums. Some of them saw the pictures I captured of my own kids, and they hired me to take pictures of their kids. When we had our 2nd child was when I quit my corporate job to be a stay at home mother. I realized early on that I was leaving my kids to go photograph other kids and play with them. I wasn’t necessarily making any money doing that. I was just doing it because I loved taking pictures. Something clicked inside of me that made me change the trajectory of what I was doing. That was the moment when I knew I needed to go full time and make this a career. I wanted this to be a career where I could fully support my family of six 100%.  I completely transformed myself and moved forwarded heavily with marketing myself.

What is your dream photoshoot, location, person etc.?

I am asked this a lot. I have been lucky to photograph in some of the best places in the world! I have been to Australia three times to teach and photograph, and had some of the best shoots set up! I’ve been in Barcelona, Paris, gorgeous areas in Florida, the strip in Las Vegas. The list just goes on and on. One of my favorite shoots ever was in the middle of Dam Square in Amsterdam. I think my dream will be to still be able to do that ten years from now.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new photographer that was interested in shooting portraits what would it be?

Learn what you love and stick with that. Grow it, and nurture it. Start early with creating and cultivating your style. Its very easy to be swayed by so much out there. One of the best things I’ve ever done with my career was place blinders on when it came to my work and I grew and nurtured what I loved to create, and not what I loved to look at.

What do you like most about ON1?

I love editing as much as I love photography. With ON1, I love that I am given so much control with minimal steps. If I had to pick one thing, I would say the effects is literally one of my favorite aspects. It’s so simple, but with big returns. Everything is right there.

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