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Shoot to Print — Lesson 1: Introduction

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Shoot to Print — Lesson 1: Introduction

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Welcome to the Shoot to Print course. In this introduction video we will talk about what you will learn and set expectations.

Shoot to Print CourseFree Preview

Hey everyone! Hudson here, one of the questions I get most frequently after people see the giant printer in my studio is “how can I get better prints?” I have good news and bad news—printing is a little bit of an art in itself, just as difficult as capturing great images in the field. In...

Shoot to Print — Lesson 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Shoot to Print course. In this introduction video we will talk about what you will learn and set expectations.

Shoot to Print — Lesson 2: My Printing History

Before we get into how you can get better prints I want to share my own journey in printing. Printing is an art just like photography is an art. Hopefully my background and experience getting started in printing will help you avoid making some of the mistakes I did.

Shoot to Print — Lesson 3: Types of Prints

It is important to understand the difference between types of printers and materials that can be printed on. In this video, I will cover all of the most common printing types; ink jet vs. dye-sublimation, papers, metal, canvas and more. We’ll cover what to consider when choosing your print type and surface.

Shoot to Print — Lesson 4: Improving Prints at Capture

There are special considerations you can make during the capture phase to ensure you will be able to produce a quality print later. Exposure and focus are critical components and I explain why and how in this video.

Shoot to Print — Lesson 5: Printmaking Monitor Calibration

One of the biggest mistakes people make when preparing a print is working with a monitor that is too bright and or not correctly color calibrated. To make sure you get what you see on your screen out of your printer you need to have it dialed in for printing. In this video, you will...

Shoot to Print — Lesson 6: Editing for Print

There are three important things to consider when editing a photo to print. I will explain in detail what you should consider when editing both landscapes and portrait photographs.

Shoot to Print — Lesson 7: Soft Proofing

One of the key things for making sure your print looks like you want when it hits the paper. Soft proofing starts with the paper and printer profiles. In this video, I will show you my soft proofing workflow.

Shoot to Print — Lesson 8: Test Prints

Test printing the tone and the color is an important step to ensure your final print meets your expectations. In this video, I will show you how I print a series of photos to evaluate my printer.

Shoot to Print — Lesson 9: Using ON1 Resize

In this video, I will showcase how I would up-res photos before printing. Enlarging your photo with ON1 Resize powered by Genuine Fractals you can maintain the sharpness and clarity better than any other software.

Shoot to Print — Lesson 10: Outsourcing Prints

In this video, I am going to show how to prepare and send your files off to a lab for printing.

Shoot to Print — Lesson 11: Final Print

Now it’s time to graduate from this print academy. In this video, I will walk you through ON1’s print dialog and press print. Thanks for watching!

Shoot to Print Live Q&A (Recording)

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