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Selective Noise Reduction

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Selective Noise Reduction

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Fixing Common Photo ProblemsFree Preview

In this course, we’ll take a look at 10 common problems with photos and various ways to fix them. Everything from skies that are too bright, to fixing the eyes in your wildlife photos, all the way to issues where the best parts of the photo don’t seem to be what draws attention. The course...

Straighten Crooked Surfaces

Dark Eyes

Removing Distractions

Learn how you can remove any object or distraction inside ON1 Photo RAW. Matt Kloskowski shows you the tools he uses to get rid of unwanted subjects from his photo. This is a lesson from Matt’s “How to Fix Common Problems” course.

Enhancing Wildlife Eyes

Toning Down Bright AreasFree Preview

Matt Kloskowski shares his advice for giving overly bright areas of your photo a more natural exposure. Toning down bright areas helps give your photos a sense of direction and moves the viewers’ focus where you want it to be. Simple and easy tweaks demonstrated here can be applied to any photo.

Dark Foreground

Selective Noise Reduction

Selective Haze Removal

Bright Sky

Fixing Flat Photos

In this video, Matt Kloskowski takes a dull flat photo and makes it pop.

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