Learn how to easily create a dynamic sky using ON1 Photo RAW. Photo RAW makes it incredibly easy to manipulate your sky and make it come to life. Just find your photo you want to edit and head into Layers. There you can quickly find different sky backgrounds to add onto your photo. Brushing in a new sky is a breeze with all of the mask refinement tools. Not only can you add in a sky but you can add in other elements as well such as bird or wildlife silhouettes. If you want to add any of your own extras into Photo RAW simply head up to File and then Manage Extras.

Once you’ve added some of your own images, you can go into My Extras and drag and drop a sky layer onto the photo. Turn down the opacity so that you can position the sky layer how you want. Now just drag that layer underneath your main photo and return it’s opacity to 100. Now you can brush out the area you want to replace from your photo. If you’re dealing with large tonal areas in your photo, turning on the perfect brush will help to keep your edges refined.
You can also download free LUT packs here.