Removing Distractions


Make your photos stronger! ON1 Photo RAW includes a complete set of retouching tools that can handle any retouching job. This course is for anyone that wants to improve their retouching skills and go beyond the simple, one-click retouches.

In this in-depth course, Scott Davenport teaches you how to get the most of of Photo RAW’s retouching tools. He explains how to use the Retouch Brush, Perfect Brush, and Clone Stamp Tool. Also, Scott explains the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

Photographers carefully craft and compose scenes in camera. Yet there are times when distracting elements cannot be eliminated from the scene at the time of capture. After completing this course, you’ll be able to handle any retouching job.

Get hands on practice! After explaining how each retouching tool works, Scott presents several real world case studies. Practice images are included, so you can follow along with the videos.


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