Mastering Contrast in RAW: Shooting & Editing for the Histogram

By Hudson Henry & Rick LePage

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About Mastering Contrast in RAW: Shooting & Editing for the Histogram

We've all heard it, "Shoot this way, adjust here, add this preset, mask here, print this way!" Wouldn't it be nice if there was a "best-kept secret" that is guaranteed to get you better photos? You're in the right place. In order to ensure that the vision with which you saw and took the shot is preserved all the way to sharing or the print, you need a tool that helps us as we work through all sides of the process, across the various devices and screens of our digital world, and even into the print. The histogram is that tool. We break it down so it makes sense for you and you will reap the benefits in no time.

An Introduction to the Course

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7 Lesson Video Course

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25 Page eBook

Understanding the Histogram

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20 ON1 Presets

10 low and 10 high contrast presets

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20 Skies for Backgrounds

10 low contrast and 10 high contrast skies


Bonus Video: HDR Sky Swap

Step-by-step Edit with Hudson Henry


Bonus Video: Printing Low Contrast

Making Sure Your Prints are Perfect


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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

It's been Rick and my pleasure to help numerous workshop participants make the connection between how they capture the tonality of complicated scenes in the field, using the in camera histogram as a guide, and then edit the same images using Photo RAW's histogram. It's really fun to see that lightbulb turn on. I've been surprised how many good photographers do not fully understand the power of using the histogram when shooting and editing. Anyone with a practiced eye can capture a good image in auto mode in even light, but when that light gets complicated, either very high contrast or very low contrast, it requires informed decision making to capture a great image. Often those high and low contrast scenes yield the most emotionally impactful images we photographers create. With this Photo Kit, Rick and I hope to give you the tools you need to make better informed decisions both at capture and in post.

Why is it so important to understand the histogram?

The small image on the back LCD or in the viewfinder can lead you astray in the field. A poorly calibrated monitor can cause problems in the edit, but an eye to the histogram will always keep you on course. I started my photography career in the film days. Back then we shot lots of bracketed exposures, took copious notes, studied books and learned repeatedly from our mistakes. Then digital came with its histogram view of tones captured in each color channel. A scientific view of your exposure data right there in the field. It felt like cheating. My hope with this photokit is to help you recognize the power of that graphical aid both in the field as well as in ON1's Photo RAW.

Is this a good course for beginners and advanced users?

We intend this Photo Kit to be of value to a broad range of skill levels from the novice to advanced photographer. We have an entire video lesson where Rick and I work together to explain the histogram through a long series of examples from the simple to the complex, In another video I project the back of my camera and show both a live exposure views as well as post capture "playback" views of what to look for in your exposures in various contrast situations. For those who are more practiced reading histograms, we go into advanced capture and editing techniques like HDR and exposing to the right (ETTR) and include bonus videos on overcoming the challenges of printing low contrast images and the complex, start-to-finish edit of a HDR sky being generated and swapped into a single exposure's foreground. Of course there are also all new high and low contrast presets to jumpstart your editing workflow and skies to use in your composite work. For those who prefer reading, there's a full blown ebook to accompany the course and keep with you on your mobile device in the field.

What's your favorite part of this Photo Kit?

Working together with Rick on our first joint Photo Kit. Rick and I have developed a deep friendship and easy rapport through years of working together on e-books, co-leading workshops, and just generally sharing our passion for photography. I can't count the number of times I've heard workshop participants say, "you know you and Rick make one heck of a photography teaching team." It's nice to be collaborating on a larger scale educational product like this with him. I certainly hope it's but the first of many.

Mastering Contrast in RAW: Shooting & Editing for the Histogram

By Hudson Henry & Rick LePage

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