October 8, 2021 | 1805 Views | By Dylan Kotecki

The Latest Plus Exclusive is Here! Master Creative Brush Shapes

ON1 Plus’s latest exclusive is here!

Download Mastering Creative Brush Shapes eBook

Custom brushes are designed to keep the creativity in your photography workflow. Brushes allow you to incorporate lightning strikes, trees, the moon, and more into your images! In this eBook from professional photographer Austin Jackson, you’ll learn how to import, find, and use custom brushes. We’ll also discuss some of the best practices when using them with some fun before and after examples.

Download Mastering Creative Brush Shapes eBook

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One comment on “The Latest Plus Exclusive is Here! Master Creative Brush Shapes”

  1. On October 24, 2021 at 7:50 am Chris Taylor wrote:

    Chris Taylor

    Great e-book.

    I ran into a problem using custom brushes to insert a watermark on my photos using a local adjustment. They were sometimes skewed. It turns out the local adjustments are affected by lens corrections. And ALL brushes are affected, even the default circle brush. A couple of workarounds:
    – turn off lens corrections in the Develop pane. This will correct the problem, even if already applied to your photos. But you lose lens corrections.
    – do your complete edits, export your final image and then open the exported image and apply your watermark. Since the exported image will not get additional lens corrections applied, this works fine
    – make sure lens corrections are turned on, create an additional layer (even a color fill layer will work – dragged below the image), then create a new stamped layer. You can then edit the stamped layer. Brushes will then not be distorted.
    – before editing, apply JUST lens corrections and export your image as a PSD file and edit that file. Since lens corrections were applied before the export, this should work fine.

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