8 Best Photo Effects to Enhance Your Photos

Photo effects and filters are easily my favorite feature in ON1 Photo RAW 2020, a powerful Lightroom Alternative. Aside from the fact they allow you to incorporate style and adjust photos quickly, they are also maskable and completely customizable. Raw photo editing using the best filters for photos can open up entire worlds of color, mood, light, and detail for your photo edits. Here are some powerful filters and unique ways to use them to get the most style out of your photos. You will also learn how to add filters to photos.

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Exploring How to Add Filters and Effects

In just about any software app out there, you’ll find there’s different ways to do things. Everyone has a specific workflow and way of doing things that works for them. ON1 apps are no different. In Effects for example, there’s various ways to add filters and I’ve noticed over time that everyone gravitates toward one side of the screen or another when doing it. So I figured I’d do a quick video showing you some of the different ways, and hopefully open up a few little tips and tricks for you. Enjoy!

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