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8 Best Photo Effects to Enhance Your Photos

Photo effects and filters are easily my favorite feature in ON1 Photo RAW 2020, a powerful Lightroom Alternative. Aside from the fact they allow you to incorporate style and adjust photos quickly, they are also maskable and completely customizable. Raw photo editing using the best filters for photos can open up entire worlds of color, mood, light, and detail for your photo edits. Here are some powerful filters and unique ways to use them to get the most style out of your photos. You will also learn how to add filters to photos.

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ON1 Workflow – Creating a Beautiful B&W Seascape

Black & White tones are great for creating a beautiful seascape photo. A powerful tool in ON1 Photo RAW 2018 allows for greater control and creativity in your photo editing. Specifically, Luminosity Masks allow you to selectively edit and apply effects to just the tones you want. If it sounds complex it REALLY isn’t. In fact, this technique will help your photo editing workflow become faster and more efficient. This works particularly well when editing landscape photos (or seascapes such as this one), and is perfect for enhancing a boring sky.

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Spring into High School Senior Season

I was honored to be a part of the Spring into Summer campaign and jumped on board with a fun video on High School Seniors.  As we head into summer, Senior season is in full swing for a lot of studios. At the beginning of the season I enjoy creating a few new presets, inspired by my first couple sessions. Styles and trends are always evolving as well as my mood can vary when I am editing the start of a new season of seniors.

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