Plus Sneak Peek: Your Photo Our Look Part II of II

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First off, a HUGE shoutout to all of you Plus Community folks who submitted images for the Your Photo Our Look series.You really outdid yourselves providing us with a spectacular and diverse set of RAW images to choose from. Thank you. I chose to do this two-part episode exclusively in Photo RAW 2017. I’ve heard a desire in the Plus Discussion Forums for more Photo RAW specific content, so I used this opportunity to provide it.

I had so much fun creating this first episode of Your Photo Our Look for 2017, that I lost track of time… The resultant start to finish editing video in Photo Raw is long enough that I decided to split it into two parts…

In Part I I edited a really cool travel portrait as well as an awesome action shot. In this video (Part II) I quickly touch up a landscape image and use it to discuss optimum exposure in the field before editing an incredible deep space nebula photo. I delve into an array of Develop settings and Effects filters including noise reduction and sharpening. If you have questions or comments about these images or this particular video please leave them below. For Plus members that have detailed questions about the photos, tools and/or techniques in the videos, head over the Plus Discussion Forum and either ask us coaches or take the conversation to the community as a whole.

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6 comments on “Plus Sneak Peek: Your Photo Our Look Part II of II”

  1. On February 25, 2017 at 9:53 am James Whyte wrote:

    Thanks sincerely once again Hudson, a little bit of learning you mentioned, well I would say a good bit of further learning for myself, the ‘exposing to the right’ certainly cleared up a lot in my mind.

    Being a senior citizen who took photography up as a hobby in retirement a few years ago and knew not a lot about Digital Photography and even less about Post Processing software and techniques, then, my learning curve of new skills and knowledge in the overall sense of ‘Photography’ has been vast and for that I do have to thank you, Matt, Blake etc., etc., much indeed. I love the way that you guys teach, works for me.


    1. On March 6, 2017 at 12:06 pm Bohdan replied:

      HERE, HERE James. I’m with you all the way on that. I too retired some 6 years ago and took up photography as a hobby. Looking forward to learning a lot from these guys. Just wish I had started sooner. Never know what that may have lead to. But, I am really enjoying this stuff.

  2. On February 28, 2017 at 12:58 pm David Price wrote:

    Hi Hudson

    Thanks for using my vertical rainbow shot as a teaching aid.

    To further expand on the teaching, I had my other camera on the tripod looking at the sunset, when I realised what was behind me. So I grabbed my pocket camera, and made the classic, rookie’s mistake of leaving it on full auto/program. The computer in the camera decided that f18, 1/10s and ISO 1600 would be perfect. Giving the final image, the full benefit of maximum diffraction softness, (because the lens really doesn’t work well above f 11). The high ISO added loads of horrible noise. And quite how I got away with handheld at 1/10s, I’m really not sure. If I had put it into manual, or even apperture priority I probably would have missed the shot, but if I could have, then I would have selected f9 or f11, and 1/15s, (the image stabiliser really is that good with a 24 mm lens), and the lowest ISO I could get away with.

    Lesson learnt in my case. Keep the camera on aperture priority and dial down the ISO.

    Thanks for using the raw files, sometimes it is good to have a chuckle at my own mistakes.

    Best wishes, David Price.

    ps. Pike is ONE, congratulations, but pretty soon he will reach the ‘terrible twos’, when little ones suddenly realise ‘that they can say no’ and ‘that maybe acting badly might get them a better deal?’ It will be tough, but patience, and love, combined with clear boundaries, will tame your toddler. There are loads of books on toddler taming, but most of them forget to mention that children react to their parents. If things aren’t going well, try and look at the situation from Pike’s point of view.

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