March 10, 2024 | 1049 Views | By Dylan Kotecki

ON1 Plus February Recap

Welcome back to another exciting recap of ON1 Plus highlights!

February was filled with creative exploration, from weekly tip videos about triptychs to photographing and using textures. Let’s dive into the photography inspiration our community shared over the past month.

1. How to Use a New Canvas: In our weekly tip video, we delved into the art of creating captivating skate photo collages using ON1 Photo RAW. From setting up the canvas to arranging photos creatively, our tutorial provided insights into crafting unique compositions. Watch the tutorial here.

2. Exploring the World of Triptychs: Triptychs offer a creative way to display images, and in February, we explored how to create them effortlessly within ON1 Photo RAW. Discover the joy of breaking down a single image into three separate sections and unleash your creativity! Check out the tutorial here.

3. Live Editing Animals & Pets: Our webinar focused on bringing pet and animal portraits to life through creative masking and editing techniques. From custom vignetting to selective detailing, participants learned how to give their furry friends the editing love they deserve. Watch the webinar here.

4. Harnessing the Power of Focus Masks: Understanding what’s in focus is crucial for refining your photos, and our focus mask tutorial in ON1 Photo RAW showcased just how easy it is to ensure sharpness in your images. Learn how to utilize this powerful tool for precise editing. Watch the tutorial here.

5. Style Talk: Unleashing Texture Photography: Textures add depth and character to your images, and our Style Talk session explored creative techniques for capturing and utilizing textures. Whether you’re using a smartphone or DSLR, elevate your photography with simple yet effective texture photography tips. Explore texture photography here.

6. Reviving Old Images with AI Tools: AI Masking and Brilliance AI tools in Photo RAW 2024 offer exciting possibilities for editing older raw files. Take a nostalgic journey through your collection and rediscover the potential of your favorite images with the help of these cutting-edge tools. Rediscover your old images here.

7. Mastering the Color Balance Filter: Our weekly tip video delved into the color balance filter, demonstrating how it can enhance your image edits by manipulating specific tones. Learn to infuse your photos with vibrant colors and captivating moodiness with this powerful editing tool. Learn more about color balance filters here.

8. Elegant Black and White Presets: Unlock the timeless allure of monochrome photography with our Elegant Black and White Presets. Crafted meticulously to infuse your images with sophistication and depth, these presets offer a seamless solution to elevate your photography. Discover the presets here.

February in ON1 Plus was all about expanding your creative horizons and refining your editing skills. From mastering canvas creation to exploring the nuances of texture photography, our community continues to inspire and innovate. Join us as we embark on another month of learning, sharing, and creating together!

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