August 12, 2021 | 10178 Views | By Craig Keudell

ON1 Insider – A Letter from Craig

I hope you are having a great summer and are staying safe. It’s hard to believe this year is already more than halfway over. My hope for you this time of year, more so than ever, is to get extra time with your photography.

This year ON1 has had many big successes including a new focus on the ON1 plugins, the release of NoNoise AI, and of course, several new updates to our main product ON1 Photo RAW. As most long-time Photo RAW customers know, this is the time of year we’re gearing up for the next major release of Photo RAW coming this fall.

First off, the product development team is working hard at creating all-new technologies, improving quality, and advancing the full feature set in ON1 Photo RAW for the fall release. Over the next several weeks, our team will unveil each of these new technologies and features through sneak peek videos. You will see everything we have in store, from AI-powered sky swapping, to an ultra-fast way to create and style time-lapse photography, and more. You’ll be the first to see masking tools and other refinements to enhance your favorite photo editor, significant improvements to photo exporting and browsing, and an all-new way to use other Photoshop plugins inside Photo RAW as the host application. Lastly, full integration of ON1 NoNoise AI into the Photo RAW workflow will top it off.

We think Photo RAW owners are going to be ecstatic about all the new tools and features coming in the next major release. There will be some changes to ON1 product offerings not seen in the past, including more of a delineation between standalone products and plugin products, providing Photo RAW customers with each of these newest technologies, more choices, and customized offerings based on their specific workflow. Whether you are using ON1 Photo RAW, plugins, or both, it will be an exciting time for sure.

With the vast number of new ON1 products and technologies coming, the rest of 2021 will be bigger and better than at any point in our history. As I’ve said before, the entire ON1 team feels we can fill any gap in your photography workflow or be the foundation for your entire workflow. Since the beginning, we’ve always maintained the same mission, to build great time-saving software and listen to our customers. We are one company of photographers, designing software for photographers, and that will never change.


Craig Keudell