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Sneak Peek – Capture One Plugins Coming Soon!

Exciting news! Very soon, we are releasing the ON1 Professional Plugins for the Capture One ecosystem and photo editing workflow. ON1 Effects, Portrait AI, HDR, and Resize will now include plugin support for Capture One. Plugins are the perfect way to expand Capture One’s feature set and go beyond what’s available in the application. From adding amazing photo effects, effortless portrait retouching in batches, super-fast HDR, or enlarging photos without loss in quality, ON1 Professional Plugins are the perfect complement to your Capture One workflow. Looks for the official release right here on the blog in the coming days.

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ON1 Insider – January Edition

One of my resolutions for 2021 is for more interaction with customers. I’ve been working at ON1 since the very beginning, July 2005. If you heard or read somewhere about how we started working in a small office with only folding tables and chairs, a set of those was my desk.

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Coming Soon – Power to the Preview

We all have tons of photos these days. We also keep them across many of our devices and platforms. Very soon, a new optional service (ON1 360° – Coming in June) will let you view and edit them on all your devices while keeping you in control of where the original files are stored. It can do this by using the upcoming ON1 compressed-raw file format, that you can view and edit on any device, without needing the download the original photo. These compressed versions take up much less space than the originals, meaning you can store a lot more of them in the same space, which means you spend less. The compressed versions have all the dynamic range and color of the original. They will be perfect for editing, sharing, and even printing standard sizes.

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ON1 Sync Sneak Peek

I’m excited to present a tour of the new ON1 Sync service. ON1 Sync will allow you to view, change metadata, and edit your photos no matter what device they are on. It’s like having all of your photos in the cloud without having to store them in the cloud. You control where you store your photos with ON1 Sync. When combined with the upcoming ON1 Photo Mobile and ON1 Photo RAW, photographers will have an all-new ON1 photography ecosystem to enjoy.

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ON1 Photo Mobile Camera Sneak Peek

Check out a preview of the all-new ON1 Photo Mobile App which will allow you to completely control your mobile photography experience. Equipped with most of the controls your DSLR has, the ON1 Photo Mobile Camera is a perfect asset for your mobile creativity.

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