September Plus Critiques Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who participated in September’s Plus Photo Critiques. We appreciate the fact that everyone abided by the new one-photograph submission. It certainly helped us focus on each individual’s work, and we think it will make the critiques much more helpful in the long run.

Hudson and I tried something a bit different with this month’s video: we critiqued each of the 38 photos submitted. The video is a bit longer than usual, but we hope that everyone finds it useful. Leave us a note in the comments below if you have anything you’d like to add about this month’s session.

Here are a few of our favorite photos this month.

Pine Cones, by Jeff Fleisher

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August Photo Contest wrap-up

We had nearly 80 submissions this month for our Plus Photo Critiques contest, and they were varied in subject and quality. Hudson and I chose 20 photos from the group as worthy of mention, and they’re discussed in the video above. We also picked three photos as the best of the bunch, and, to keep a bit of suspense, they’re announced at the end of the video. Congratulations to the winners, and to all who took part in the contest, and a special thanks to F-Stop for their generous sponsorship this month.

This month’s critiques

September will mark the return of the standard Plus critiques. The gallery will open on September 1 for submissions. One change we are making from this month on: we ask that you upload a single photo to the Plus Critiques gallery. With the volume of submissions each month, it’s easy for photographers to get ‘lost’ in the critiques. And, since we rarely — if ever — showcase multiple photos from members, it makes sense to limit each member to one upload per month.

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August Plus Photo Contest closes in three days!

Just a reminder to everyone that we have only a few days left in the August photo contest for Plus members. We have seen some great submissions, and hope to see many more before the contest closes on Tuesday, August 25.

If you missed the original post, I’ve added it below, which also includes a link to the submissions page:

August Photo Contest

Instead of the standard Plus critiques, we’re going to have a photo contest for Plus members in August. There’s no theme: what we’d like you to do is submit one of your best photos from the past year or so. Other than that, there are only two rules:

  • Only one submission is allowed per Plus member. If you upload two, we won’t consider either submission.
  • The photo should have been taken in the last 18-24 months. 

If you think one of your best pieces is one you’ve already uploaded to the critiques, don’t worry – feel free to submit that. The goal here is for you to think about – and showcase – your best work.

Submissions will begin on Tuesday, August 4, and will run through the end of the day, August 25. The uploads page is at

We’ve partnered up with F-Stop for this contest, and, for each of the three finalists chosen by Hudson and me, they’ve graciously agreed to donate a $75 gift certificate, good for anything in the F-Stop store, and a Dyota AG+ Ion mask.

We hope to see your photo in the gallery!

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July Critiques Video – and August Plus photo contest!

July is traditionally a slow month, photo-wise, but we still received some good submissions for the Plus Photo Critiques. It’s great to see long-time posters raising their game, and well as a few critiques newcomers. Hudson and I picked more than 20 photos from the group to talk about this month; click on the link above to view the video.

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June Plus Photo Critiques Recap

We’re sorry that we were so late getting to the recap for June’s Plus Photo Critiques. We can only plead for some understanding: Rick was working on the User Guide update for ON1 360, and Hudson was busily finishing up his latest course for ON1 Plus members. July will be slightly off, timing wise, as well, which we’ll talk about at the bottom of the post.

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June Plus Critiques Are Open

The June 2020 Plus Photo Critiques gallery is now open; you can submit your photos on the uploads page.

This month, we would like you to think about producing a still life. You don’t have to emulate the Old Masters, as Mike Volckman did in last month’s critiques (and shown above), but think about a group of objects — fruit, flowers, vases and stemware, sets of tools, anything, really that you can arrange in a group. Think about lighting and your background. The subjects should be clear and well defined, and use the rules of composition to arrange the subjects in a way that helps the viewer’s eye into the scene.

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May Plus Critiques Recap

We had some stellar photos posted this month in the ON1 Plus Critiques gallery. We also saw a group of new folks posting, and we saw a lot more activity in the comments, both of which we love to see. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Hudson and I went through the gallery, and chose 30 photos that we felt showcased good work, or offered some teaching moments that could help us all. And, since we can’t critique every photo submitted, we have gone through and commented on many of the photos submitted. And, with that, here are a few of our favorite photos from the month.

3253 Berry Picker, by Paule Hjertaas

Paule’s shot of a Hepatic Tanager with a berry in its beak is spectacular: the face, eye and the berry are perfectly in focus, as is the claw holding the bird to the branch. And the composition is wonderful too, with a lovely blurred background, and the right amount of negative space at the bottom right of the frame. Just wonderful, Paule.

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April 2020 Plus Critiques Recap

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for our April critiques. For a theme this month, we asked you to come up with photos that addressed your feelings about the lockdowns and isolation related to the current pandemic, and we received some wonderful submissions. In the video, which can be viewed directly above, we chose 30 photos from the group to talk about, to showcase some stellar shots, and to offer constructive criticism on others. (Since we can’t critique every photo, we’ll also comment on some of the others in the gallery in the coming days.)

Here are a few photos from this month that caught our eye, including some of our favorite variations on the theme:

The Bench, by Charles

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