As always, it was a pleasure to see the world through Plus members’ eyes, and thanks for the wonderful submissions to this, our last official Plus Photo Critiques. We’ve truly enjoyed interacting with the Plus community via the critiques over the past three years, and will miss our monthly group of regular and new contributors, but it feels like the right time for us all to move on. Hudson and I both hope that we’ve provided useful and constructive criticism and encouragement over the years; it’s been a real joy watching many of you evolve as photographers in that time.

Although this is the final critiques video, we’re going to have one last gallery, and end with a celebration of the Plus critiques community. On December 7, we will open the Plus Critiques gallery one last time (link), and what we would like would be for you to upload is your favorite photo from the past two years. It can be a photo that you’ve submitted previously, or it can be one that we haven’t seen. The idea is that we’ll have a collection of our Plus members’ finest moments from the past couple of years.

Thanks again,

Rick & Hudson