Best of ON1 Plus in 2017

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2017 has been going by way too fast. It’s crazy to think we’re already halfway through the year. It’s been an incredibly exciting year so far in ON1 Plus; we’ve had unforgettable moments and made some great memories. From launching new courses, sharing hundreds of presets, introducing new coaches and unique topics, we can go on and on. The best is still yet to come and before we move ahead let’s take a quick look back at the best of the first half of 2017 in the ON1 Plus community!

Approaching the Scene »

Approaching the Scene is devoted to the full creative process of photography from conceptualizing a shoot through creating a RAW capture in the field and editing the with Photo RAW 2017. A high-quality production from ON1 Head Coach Hudson Henry that will build your fundamental knowledge when approaching future scenes.

Backyard Reverse Photo Challenge »

The community voted on ways to challenge the coaches and overwhelmingly they requested that the coaches attempt to take a photo of something in their backyard. A simple idea, yet brilliant! How often do we find ourselves practicing or shooting in our backyard?

Layers Layers Layers »

Matt Kloskowski covers everything to do with Layers; To Layer or Not to Layer? A Layered workflow, Creative Layering Ideas.

Photographing Water Scenes »

Water is everywhere! Scott Davenport was your coach in March, and he covered shooting water scenes. Lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, harbors, reflecting pools, this was a fun topic!

All About Color »

Photography educating legend Matt Kloskowski was back to celebrate color! This series covers everything to do with color spaces, saving for print, and using the histogram.

Studio & Portrait Photography »

ON1 expert trainer Liz LePage focused her month of coaching on portrait and studio photography. Get DIY home studio tips and learn about working with models.

Visual Storytelling »

Colby Brown brought an entirely new approach to coaching during his month and hit a home run! Learn about visual storytelling and the techniques to create images that tell a unique story.

ON1 Master Courses including Updates for 2017.5 updates! »

The ON1 Master Courses cover everything you need to know about getting started with ON1 Photo 2017.5. Organizing, the Essentials, using with Lightroom & Photoshop, and Landscape Workflows. UPDATED for the 2017.5 release!

Photoshop Workflow Series »

Guest coach Blake Rudis stepped in and covered everything you need to know about ON1 Photo RAW 2017 and the Photoshop Workflow. This five-part video series included an Introduction, HDR workflow, Panoramic workflow, Advanced Selections, an under the Hood of Photo RAW 2017.

Community Discussion »

Connect with like minds; collaborate, share ideas, solicit advice, and learn from others. The Plus discussion forums are the best place to hang out for ON1 users.

Monthly Photo Critiques! »

If you’re new to Plus, each month, every member can submit one photo. Every single photo submitted gets critiqued by one of the coaches in a positive, professional, and constructive manner.

Contests & Challenges »

Over the first half of the year, we had multiple challenges or contest with cash prizes. All with one goal, to inspire you and get you motivated to snap pictures!