Prepare your photos for print in minutes using ON1 Photo RAW. Using soft proofing you will be able to see how your photo will look on paper when it’s printed. You can also choose different color profiles to help if you are printing on different printers and paper or if a photo lab needs a certain color profile to print from. The gamut warnings will show you all of the colors that won’t translate well onto paper. If you need to adjust any settings, create a version of your photo that you can adjust, rather than modifying your original copy.

Once you have the look you want, head into resize to prepare your photo even further. To resize your photo simply adjust your size control and the Genuine Fractals algorithm will resize your photo to any resolution without removing any of the quality and sharpness of the original shot. Adding sharpness will help your photo stay crisp and detailed throughout the printing process. Use a gallery wrap if you want to print to canvas but make sure the wrap your using doesn’t distract from the photograph itself.