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Long Exposure — Lesson 12: Tip: If All Else Fails…Overexpose

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Long Exposure — Lesson 12: Tip: If All Else Fails…Overexpose

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Long Exposure Photography CourseFree Preview

Long Exposure Photography with Matt Kloskowski! You asked for it, here it is! An all new course dedicated to Long Exposure Photography. This all-encompassing video course includes 20 individual lessons covering each of the different aspects of long exposure photography – from shooting to editing in ON1 Photo RAW 2017.5.

Long Exposure — Lesson 2: 3 Ways to Get Longer Shutter Speeds

Long Exposure — Lesson 3: Intro to Filters

Long Exposure — Lesson 4: Using Really Dark Filters

Long Exposure — Lesson 5: Tip: Light Leak

Long Exposure — Lesson 6: In the Field: Basic Waterfall Shoot

Long Exposure — Lesson 9: In the Field: Practicing Longer Exposures

Long Exposure — Lesson 11: Photographing Beaches and Waves

Long Exposure — Lesson 12: Tip: If All Else Fails…Overexpose

Long Exposure — Lesson 14: ON1: Simple Waterfall Photo

Long Exposure — Lesson 15: ON1: What to do if Something is Moving?

Long Exposure — Lesson 16: ON1: Faking Motion Blur

Long Exposure — Lesson 17: ON1: The New York Scene

Long Exposure — Lesson 18: ON1: Key West Beach Scene

Long Exposure — Lesson 19: ON1: A Very Different Water Scene

Long Exposure — Lesson 20: ON1: Another Ocean Scene

Download the course assets and watch the videos offline. Depending on your internet speed you may need to download one at a time. Learn on-the-go without worrying about your internet connection. This content is yours to have and keep forever.

  • Download Long Exposure Photography Part I
  • Download Long Exposure Photography Part II
  • Download Follow Along Files & PDF Guide

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