Hi everyone! Heads up, the photo critiques open for submission tomorrow, the first Tuesday of the month at noon Pacific US. This month we ‘re going to be having a street photography theme. Watch the video above and start digging around for you best street photography shots.


Where do I go to submit photos?

Here: https://www.on1.com/plus/critiques-uploader/

You can bookmark this page and come back every first Tuesday of the month to submit a new photo.

When and how long is the Photo Critique submission period?

The submission period always opens on the first Tuesday of each month at noon Pacific time. The Critiques will remain open for submission for one full week, closing on the second Tuesday of the month at midnight Pacific time.

How many photos can I submit each month?

We encourage you to submit as many photos as you feel deserve a critique. The coaches put a great deal of thought and preparation into providing a valuable critique. We ask you to give the photos you submit each month the same amount of effort and intention.

What happens after the submission period ends?

The Plus coaches take time to review all the photos. They hand select some of the best entries to highlight the give accolades. They also choose a few photos that are great learning examples and provide a constructive critique. A video is posted to the website near the end of the month.

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