Removing objects when editing your photos with the clone stamp tool is a breeze in ON1 Photo RAW. Learn how the clone stamp tool helps you speed up your retouching workflow. The clone stamp tool is a powerful retouch tool that allows you to remove or move objects, people, and textures in your photo. To access the clone stamp tool just hit the “s” key on your keyboard. Using the clone stamp tool you can quickly and easily remove large or small objects in ON1 Photo RAW.

Things to remember when using the clone stamp tool:
1. Tonality
When choosing your anchor point (the area you are cloning from) remember to select a tonality that will blend naturally with the background of the object you’re removing. For example, if you are trying to remove a bird from a sky, choose an anchor point nearest to the bird, so the sky tones are similar.
2. Brush Size
Choose a brush size that is similar to what you are removing because it will help you remove the object more naturally and in fewer brush strokes. When I’m removing people from a scene, I like to choose a brush size similar to the size of the persons head or even a little bigger. To quickly increase or decrease your brush size, use your bracket keys on your keyboard ( [ , ] )
3. Use lines as your guide
Use lines in your photo as a reference when removing objects or people. For example, if you have a person standing on a beach, use the waves and tide lines as your guides when brushing them out.