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Masking Refresher

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Masking Refresher

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Get acquainted with masking inside of ON1 Photo RAW!

Learning Masking and Local AdjustmentsFree Preview

Masking has become an essential process in photo editing and works hand-in-hand with local adjustments and filters inside ON1 Photo RAW. With masking, you can easily paint light, recover highlights, fix color, and create styles. In the Learning Masking and Local Adjustments course, you’ll develop all the skills necessary to effectively mask style, color, and...

Masking Refresher

Get acquainted with masking inside of ON1 Photo RAW!


Learn how to brush a mask into specific areas of your photo as well as how to adjust the settings of the masking brush.

Gradients & Shapes

Learn how to mask with gradients and shapes!

Color Range Masks

Learn how to create and adjust color range masks!

Luminosity Masks

Learn how to create and modify luminosity masks to target bright and dark areas of your photo!

Why Local Adjustments?

Learn why Local Adjustments are a powerful tool in photo editing.

Dodging and Burning

Learn the difference between dodging and burning and what it can do to your photos!

Modifying Color Temperature

Learn how to selectively adjust color temperature with Local Adjustments.

Painting with Color

Learn how to paint with color and use the Hue blend mode to swap colors in subjects.
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