Skies are incredibly easy to import and incorporate into your edits with the right photo editing software. In this video, let’s learn how to import, swap, and blend skies using ON1 Photo RAW!

The Sky tab makes replacing skies a breeze, by automatically detecting the sky in your photo and masking it out. Once the mask has been built, you can select a replacement from one of the over 100 skies included with Photo RAW, or you can import your own directly from within the Sky tab. Photo RAW gives you full control over the mask used to blend the sky and you can use any of the other the masking tools to adjust it as needed. You can adjust the sky to blend better with your foreground, even blur the sky to simulate a long exposure. Not only does it replace the sky, but it can adjust the foreground lighting and color as well as add a reflection of the sky to water found in the foreground.

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