You’ve been submitting some fantastic images for critiques and it’s a blast to see so many new members putting up images. Rick and I have been really enjoying seeing the world through your lenses and watching the improvement from month to month with the regular submitters. We hope you enjoy our critique this month, and if you haven’t submitted images for critique or commented on the galleries, I’d urge you to jump in and get involved. Looking at others’ images and having others comment on your own images is one of the best way to grow as a photographer.

NEXT MONTH (January 2019) we will have a Holiday Photos theme, submit any photo that captures the memory of the season, whatever the holiday you celebrate. We’ve opened up submission a little early this month because we all know how time flies around the holiday season. You can submit here »
Thanks for submitting and contributing to the community critiques. Keep up the great work you’ve been doing. It’s been a fantastic year in the Plus community and I’m very proud to be coaching you all.  I hope you have a fantastic holiday season full of friends, family and fantastic food.