There have been a number of questions in the Plus Community Discussion Forum this winter that relate to monitor calibration. For those of us who like to print, having your monitor calibrated for color and brightness is absolutely key to getting prints that look like your edited image on screen. In this video I’ll explain why and show you how I calibrate my monitors. Below the break are some links to the tools I use in this video below the break as well as some links to learn more and test your monitor’s performance without hardware.
Below are some links. Hit me up in the comments of the Ask a Coach forum if you have any questions.
The i1 Diplay Pro Colorimeter and profiling software I use: Amazon   B&H
Think Tank Red Whip cord keeper 10-pack: Amazon    B&H (cheaper at B&H for these)
This link delves deeper into calibration theory and has test images to show if your monitor is performing well.