Quickly improve your portrait editing workflow in ON1 Photo Raw 2018 with these 5 simple tips. Photo Raw’s portrait tools make editing and culling photos easy and fast.

1. Fast Culling & Compare Mode
Using fast culling and compare modes allows you to easily inspect and remove photos from your set.
2. Syncing Settings Across Multiple Photos
Using copying and pasting or syncing settings saves you time when applying a style to a group of portraits.
3. Dodging and Burning to Apply or Remove Light
Using Dodging and Burning techniques will help you add or remove light to portraits allowing you to easily add contrast or soften light.
4. Enhancing Eyes
Easily enhance eyes using local adjustments. Improve color, brightness, detail, and more all while using one local adjustments layer.
5. Improving Skin Tone
Using a local adjustments layer it’s very easy to brush even skin tone onto a face to remove uneven highlights and tones.