New ON1 Portrait AI, Photo Mobile, and Upgrade to Photo RAW

September 21, 2020

Portland, OR – September 21, 2020 – ON1, creators of ON1 Photo RAW, release an all-new AI portrait editing application and additional plug-in support, new creative features for ON1 Photo RAW mobile, and unveils the next major upgrade to ON1 Photo RAW & ON1 Photo RAW 360.

The first to arrive today is the all-new ON1 Portrait AI, both as a standalone application and plug-in for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Corel Paintshop Pro, Apple Photos, with Capture One support coming soon. This new technology uses the latest in machine learning to find every face in portrait photos and make them look fabulous without lifting a finger. Many portrait photographers spend long hours retouching entire shoots before presenting photos to their clients. Other portrait editing software only offers one-off edits, complicated manual controls, steep learning curves, and no way to batch process when dealing with multiple faces in photos.

“This product was created to solve the main problem portrait photographers face, spending way too much time editing individual portraits or entire shoots. They need more time to focus on important things related to their photography business. ON1 Portrait AI is incredibly fast at getting through an entire shoot, no matter how many different people, and gives stunning results,” says Dan Harlacher, VP of Product.

The software classifies every face in your photos, adds the right amount of realistic retouching to the skin, eyes, and mouth, without globally applying the same retouching to each person in the photo. For those needing to take their retouching further, ON1 Portrait AI includes some amazingly easy-to-use tools for skin retouching using frequency separation, shine reduction, blemish removal, face sculpting, and eye and teeth whitening to name a few.

In addition to ON1 Portrait AI, ON1 also released significant updates to the new ON1 Photo RAW Mobile app. ON1 Photo RAW Mobile, for iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices, now includes powerful masking features for targeting specific adjustments and effects. The latest update also includes the ON1 edge-detecting Perfect Brush to use for precise masking while painting with just a finger. Each of the local adjustments uses ON1’s proprietary raw processing engine as well. The new masking tools also include support for Apple Pencil and Android Stylus.

The new effects and filters include ON1’s very popular Dynamic Contrast filter, the gold standard for amazing clarity and detail. Additional new filters include Curves, HDR Look, and Glow to go along with the other built-in filters; including Split Tone, Black and White, Film Grain, Vignettes, and Color Adjustment with more on the way. On the organization side, ON1 adds new easy ways to search and sort photos within the app as well.

“ON1 Photo RAW Mobile has been significantly enhanced in a short amount of time and there is more on the way. The addition of the creative masking tools and filters help make it a photography tool everyone will want to use, says Craig Keudell, President of ON1.

The final release in the ON1 fall lineup is the next major upgrade to the flagship product, ON1 Photo RAW version 2021 for Mac and Windows computers, the professional-grade photo organizer, raw processor, layered editor, and effects app, available this October.

ON1 Photo RAW 2021 from top to bottom will be packed full of new features and performance enhancements. Key new features include the full integration of ON1 Portrait AI, which gives photographers an ultra-fast and state-of-the-art portrait retouching workflow. ON1 Portrait AI gets excellent results automatically with minimal effort using frequency separation based skin retouching. It’s also super easy at making more complex adjustments such as face shape and lighting. Each edit is non-destructive and re-editable for fine-tuning as well, giving photographers complete control over their final look. The addition of ON1 Portrait AI into ON1 Photo RAW will finally enable portrait photographers to retouch an entire shoot automatically, then give them best-of-breed control and results for manual retouching.

There is also a completely new and faster method for organizing photos using a powerful new Smart Organize mode. This feature makes it the easiest way to find duplicate photos, locate groups of photos shot at the same time or location, and even smartly find similar looking photos. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to speed up their culling, improve organization, or even save on storage space.

In addition, Photo RAW 2021 includes a new color range selection technology that combines the color and edge detection from the popular Perfect Brush with the flexible gradient masks. Now you can create gradient masks that are also color sensitive, perfect for blending in new skies behind difficult subjects like trees and buildings.

All-new custom brush shapes will also give photographers a quantum-leap in their creativity. Choose between hard-edged geometries to make it easier to paint straight edges to organic shapes and even textures to simulate snow, add grass, or even enhance eyelashes. To round out brushes, ON1 is adding new brush flow and stamp controls to let photographers paint naturally.

A new fast and non-destructive healing brush for removing distractions like dust spots, power-lines, and unwanted people from photos is also coming. Simply paint over a distraction and a matching area of the photo is magically blended on top to replace it. The new healing brush includes two modes to choose from, an intelligent content-aware mode to seamlessly blend or a traditional clone stamp mode. Each spot can be adjusted or removed at any time.

The new Full-Screen Preview mode is perfect for enabling photographers to view their photo without distracting UI elements also on screen. The mode can quickly be turned on or off to judge editing progress. Some of the tools like brushing are available in this mode as well and perfect for working on a larger canvas, ideal for smaller screens. The new Quick Slideshow mode is also great for quickly showing photos to clients. With the Quick Slideshow, it’s only a click away from a full-screen slideshow complete with user-adjustable delay and an elegant dissolve transition.

New camera-based presets are perfect for applying any preset or look based on the camera model or serial number. Photographers can quickly save camera-specific editing presets and automatically apply them to photos shot on those specific cameras. This is especially handy for those photographers with custom camera profiles or if cameras converted to infrared.

The new Color Replacement filter makes it a snap to change the color of an object to any new color. It’s perfect for tweaking or totally changing the color of eyes, flowers, buildings, and apparel.

Support has also been added to work as a plug-in inside of Corel Paint Shop Pro or Affinity Photo, with Capture One support coming soon.

A new method to batch HDR and panoramic photos, adding color fill layers, modern user interface improvements, new cameras, and lenses will be available this October.

Lastly, subscribers to the new ON1 Photo RAW 360 will receive all of the updates mentioned above. Photo RAW 360 includes everything from ON1 and is the best workflow for ON1 Photo RAW with its seamless cloud syncing of photo organization and editing between computers and mobile devices. With either a monthly or yearly subscription to Photo RAW 360, customers ensure they always have the latest version of Photo RAW for your desktop and mobile devices, giving photographers control over their photos and professional photo editing tools everywhere. ON1 Photo RAW 360 plans include ON1 Photo RAW for computers, ON1 Photo RAW for mobile devices, and the ON1 Photo RAW cloud syncing.

Pricing & Availability
ON1 Portrait AI is available from the ON1 website at an introductory special for just $59.99 (regularly $79.99). A fully functioning free trial of ON1 Portrait AI 2021 is also available for download today, no credit card required. ON1 Portrait AI will be integrated into ON1 Photo RAW 2021 which is coming in October.

ON1 has also made ON1 Photo RAW 2021 available for pre-order today. For a limited time, owners of any previous version of any ON1 product can pre-order ON1 Photo RAW 2021 for $79.99, and receive the standalone and plug-in version of ON1 Portrait AI and start using it today. ON1 Photo RAW 2021 can also be pre-ordered with a 1-year membership to ON1 Plus, and also receive ON1 Portrait AI today for just $129.99. ON1 Plus is the #1 training resource for ON1 and photography and includes over 25 courses, ebooks, 100’s of presets and bonuses, and much more.

For those who like the convenience of subscriptions, ON1 Photo RAW 360 Software and Service subscribers will automatically receive ON1 Portrait AI, the new ON1 Photo RAW Mobile updates, and ON1 Photo RAW 2021 as part of their plans. ON1 Photo RAW 360 always includes the latest version of ON1 Photo RAW and starting plans are available as low as $7.99 per month.

A single purchase of any ON1 products include Windows and macOS versions and support for 11 languages.

About ON1
For over a decade and a half, ON1 has provided award-winning software to millions of photographers worldwide. ON1 accomplishes this by being different from other photo software companies. ON1 puts the photographer first, and this means customers have complete control over every aspect of their photography, including having a say in the products ON1 develops.

The ON1 focus has always been and will always be to provide an open system keeping you in control of your photos. We will always give you choices in the organization, storage, editing, creative style, and how you purchase ON1 products. We will never force you into a subscription model. You will always have a choice of perpetual license, subscription, or membership when choosing how you buy ON1. ON1 software applications are designed by photographers, for photographers.

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