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In this video, you are going to learn how to process a photo in the ON1 Develop tab. Learn how to crop and correct your image by modifying the sliders. Develop is the tab for performing basic global editing operations—adjusting tone and color, removing noise, sharpening and more. It is the perfect place to begin editing your photos, especially if you are using ON1 Photo RAW 2019 as a standalone editor. And, with the full non-destructive editing capabilities of Photo RAW, you can return at any time to Develop and adjust your edits.

2 comments on “Using Develop”

  1. On February 22, 2019 at 8:21 am Guido Beysen wrote:

    In this video (Develop) you said something that I can not understand and that I can not find out:
    at +/- 1:40 min you said “hold down the ????? key”. Which key?
    This is what I could not understand. The result of holding down this key is that you see in red what you have in white on the picture.
    Please let me know what it was.

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