The Foundational Basics of Photo Editing

Photo editing has many parts, and there are different workflows for every type of image and photography. Editing may appear intimidating at first glance, but when the foundational pieces are broken down into familiar terminology, it becomes much easier to understand and learn. Here are common terms and editing knowledge that every photographer should know.

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How to Market Yourself as a Photographer in 2020

Whether you’re a part-time photographer or you’re a professional who is shooting 8 hours a day, self-marketing is essential. The good news is, in 2020, marketing for photographers is as easy as it’s ever been. Here are ways that you can grow your photography business in the New Year.

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Product Spotlight: Printing with Bay Photo Lab

Learn how to make a large triptych metal print using both ON1 Photo RAW and the ordering process with Bay Photo Lab. I’ll prep the photos in ON1 and then sends the files off to my favorite lab for metal prints, Bay Photo. I will also cover my tips along the way to get the best output in both ON1 Photo RAW and the Bay Photo ordering process.

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