Panorama – ON1

Pano Course 2019 Update + HDR Pano Edit

Happy 2019 to everyone in the Plus community! In this video I’ll share how I capture, merge and blend high-dynamic-range panoramas using ON1 Photo RAW 2019. To help you learn more about creating and editing panoramas, I’ve updated my Panorama video training course to incorporate Photo RAW 2019. Each of the videos on post production are all new and you can find them right here in the Plus course section along with tons of other video course content.

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Panorama Workflow

Today I want to talk about a genre I love in photography, panoramas. In this video, I will share my recommendations for shooting scenes by considering the nodal point and parallax. Finally, I want to share with you a series of shots I took with my drone that I will edit in ON1 Photo RAW 2019. Enjoy and as always leave your questions and comments below.

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